Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that each entry complies with the following rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in your entry being disqualified at an early stage in the judging process. 

  • The online entry form must be fully completed, including a client endorsement email response from a senior manager authorising the entry and claims (for Campaign Awards categories). Incomplete entries and entries that have not been endorsed before entry deadline may be disqualified by the judging panel. 

  • For all Campaign Awards categories, agency names and logos should not appear on your written submission or support materials.

  • Only the entries that follow the prescribed format stated in the written submission template will be accepted.

  • You may enter the same campaign in more than one category. However, for each entry you must provide separate documentation, support materials and entry fee. No campaign may be entered into more than three categories. Judges may reassign the campaigns to more relevant categories at their discretion.

  • Companies or individuals may submit entries on behalf of themselves or their clients, provided they submit documentary evidence of direct involvement in the campaign entered.

  • In the event that the same entry is submitted by two different entrant companies, or if both PR consultancy and client enter the same work, the submissions may be treated as a joint entry for the purposes of judging at the organiser’s discretion. Any duplicated entry fee will be forfeited.

  • Entries not in English must be accompanied by a translation.

  • Entries are non-returnable.

  • The judges’ decisions are final and neither the organisers nor the judging panel will enter into any correspondence about them.

  • The organisers reserve the right to publish all entries wholly or in part, as case studies or for publicity purposes.

  • Entrants may mark various sensitive parts of their submission as “Not for publication” and tick the “Confidentiality request” box on the online entry form, provided these restrictions are not used excessively. Information that are not for publication should be highlighted in yellow. Information marked as confidential will be treated as such.

  • Once an entry is shown on the entry system as ‘Completed’ / 'Confirmed', this denotes that the entry has been accepted by system and that the entry will be processed. At this point, all entry fees are due and payable to Haymarket Media Ltd. Furthermore, Haymarket Media Ltd cannot accept any cancellation of entries after the system has shown that the entry is ‘finalised’ for whatever reason. Any withdrawn, cancelled, disqualified or duplicate entries are still due and payable to Haymarket Media Ltd. In addition, should the entry fee remain unpaid by April 17, 2017, the entry may be disqualified and Haymarket Media Ltd will retain the right to claim for unpaid entry fees.