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A. Arts, Entertainment & Media Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Animal Planet's Yeh Mera India

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (South Asia)

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (South Asia)

One of the most attractive audience groups for TV advertisers is that of consumers aged 18 to 30. Although popular in India, Animal Planet needed to increase viewership among young people. With a small budget, it aimed to raise prime-time viewer ratings and build an annual tent-pole that would enhance brand reputation and command premium ad rates. To do this, Animal Planet set out to create a special product — a month-long programme focusing on Indian wildlife, entitled Yeh Mera India. The programme was launched through a multilingual animal anthem on 15 August in Hindi, Bengali and Tamil. The anthem created a national sensation and was publicised through the press, later going viral on social media. The initiative was launched on 15 August, India’s Independence Day. This meant that a lot of additional marketing messages were in the air, and it was important for the communications to cut through the clutter, while remaining true to the brand’s core values. The plan was to focus on Hindi print media in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujurat, which contributed significantly to the channel’s viewership. The anthem was sent to selected media along with a press release. A dedicated YouTube channel attracted more than 50,000 views in less than a month. Tweets were sent to relevant influencers, while young people were invited to take part in Twitter-based contests to test their knowledge of wild India. All this paid off. Animal Planet’s channel share among the target audience in eight metropolitan areas rose 107 per cent during the four weeks of the campaign, compared with the entire previous year at the same hour.



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