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AA. Brand Communicator of the Year

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Changi Airport Group (Singapore)

Changi Airport Group (CAG) was formed in 2009 to manage the airport, which was previously run by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). One of the challenges for the company's corporate and marketing communications team was to establish the CAG brand and build greater awareness of its role. The task was extremely intricate given the success of established brands such as CAAS and Singapore Airlines — companies closely linked to the airport’s history. A Synovate survey in March 2011 revealed that only four per cent of respondents were aware that CAG was responsible for managing the airport, while 24 per cent said it was managed by CAAS, Singapore Airlines or SATS, a ground handling agency based in Changi. To change this perception, the team launched three campaigns in 2012. Leading up to the upgrade of Terminal One, media engagement was strategically aligned with milestone dates to allow multiple bursts of stories with different news angles over a sustained period. A making-of video of art sculpture ‘Kinetic Rain’ was also showcased and received over 500,000 views. The next campaign coincided with the closing of the Budget Terminal. A media campaign was crafted to assure the public that Terminal Two could accommodate airlines from the Budget Terminal. Media were invited to witness the last flight from the Budget Terminal and the team worked with the editorial teams of Singapore’s main English and Chinese language broadsheets to develop a two-page picture story of the event. For the third leg of the awareness campaign, CAG invited 40 of its Facebook fans to a ‘Latte with fans’ event, which included a tour of the airport. During the year, there were 1,000 positive media stories on Changi Airport. The number of fans on Changi Airport’s Facebook page increased 165 per cent to 118,000 during the year.



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