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AB. Product Brand Development Campaign of the Year

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GO Communications

The brief was to educate and advise the target audience that the Thistle Hotel resort in Port Dickson was changing its focus to become a family hotel. In addition, explain that the hotel would undergo a multimillion dollar renovation to accommodate the family experience. Another challenge was to publicise that the hotel had a new name – Thistle – which was relatively unknown to the target audience and media in Malaysia and the region. Port Dickson once a thriving resort destination for Malaysians particularly from Kuala Lumpur had over the last few years lost its shine and ‘must-go’ destination for Malaysians. There were also few attractions in Port Dickson in the hotel to entice visitors. Port Dickson had quickly been overtaken as a resort destination by places like Langkawi,
Terengganu and Penang. These destinations had heavy publicity campaigns with major advertising spend. The occupancy was below 50 per cent and the hotel had a rather tarnished image resonating form the previous owner.

The strategy was to create a world first campaign called ‘Kids’ In Charge’ to show the hotel was changing its focus to a family destination and undergoing renovations. Through the media a publicity campaign was undertaken to invite ‘kids’ between the age of 8 and 14 to apply to become ‘Directors’ of the Thistle Port Dickson resort. All candidates who applied were interviewed by the Thistle Hotel General Manager and Agency Chief Operating Officer as to why they would like to become a director and what they can contribute. Following the interviews 10 kids were chosen to become directors. At each Board Meeting the kids were given a specific agenda as to what they would like to see and experience in a family hotel. All the kids were given a Director’s uniform to wear and use during the board meetings. Selected media were invited to observe and report on the Board Meetings.

The media publicity during the campaign period exceeded RM 9 million. The return on investment was over 13,000 per cent. The occupancy rate at the hotel increased from below 50 per cent to over 90 per cent two months into the ‘Kids’ In Charge’ campaign. Through the high impact publicity in all media from print, online and television the hotel ranked number one on Trip Advisor for Malaysian hotels.

Certificate of Excellence
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BP Pink Pulp Launch

BP Australia

Ogilvy Public Relations Melbourne

BP Australia is one of the country’s largest and well-known fuel providers, but customer research indicated the company was lacking equity - ranking third against its top two competitors when it came to fuel brands’ consumers trust. With price and convenience driving customer fuel decision, BP Australia needed a campaign that would boost and drive brand equity and create a reason for families and mums to choose BP over its competitors.

The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia and to increase breast awareness in young Australian Women.The campaign was centred on the launch of BP’s latest community initiative – a partnership with The McGrath Foundation – which would see half a cent from every litre of Premium Unleaded sold at select BPs across Victoria donated to the Foundation. Labelled Pink Pulp, the agency devised a strategy that would demonstrate BP as a brand that cares for its communities, understands mums, and rewards them for the ‘hard yards’ they put in. It offered mums a ‘VIP-style’ experience at a time when they were most likely on the road – the Mother’s Day weekend. 

The Pink Pulp campaign helped BP reach a 76 per cent approval rating with 65 per cent of its customers by providing tangible, interactive experiences educating consumers about BP’s partnership with The McGrath Foundation. The campaign saw approximately 300 Victorian customers engaged and pampered on each activation day at a time that was relevant for them. This helped to convert typically low-engagement sites, i.e. petrol stations, into places where drivers wanted to linger, converse and purchase products.

Certificate of Excellence
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Know What They Like, Find What They Love


Red Agency

Formerly known as Australia’s largest auction site, eBay Australia is now positioned as the country’s number one online marketplace. While the auction function is still available for some goods, many of the products featured on ebay are brand new and in the buy it now format from well known and trusted Australian retailers. In the lead up to Christmas 2013, eBay sought to place itself in the consideration mindset of Christmas shoppers, predominantly mothers. To do so, it needed to tap into the emotional triggers of present shopping and challenge long-held perceptions that it’s just a second-hand auction site rather than a place where shoppers could find new and unique items.

Identifying the fatigue and stress that had become associated with Christmas shopping, the agency sought to put the fun back into the experience by reintroducing the art of thoughtful gifting. To do so, it used eBay’s search function to create a revolutionary new Christmas present finding tool. It educated mums using the insight that by knowing two things the person you are buying for ‘likes’ you can find them something they’ll really love. By entering these two likes, a list of unique and personalised items were curated which the user may not have found otherwise.

As a result of this campaign, eBay saw traffic increase by up to 453 per cent to its Sunday sales, which housed Christmas deals, and experienced its biggest shopping day in history, which was 25 per cent larger than the previous year.



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