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Arts, Entertainment & Media Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Airbnb Active Senior's Life on Hosting

Airbnb Korea

As Airbnb was new in the Korean market, there was a low understanding of Airbnb and home-sharing. There was, however, a high social interest in life after retirement in the ageing society, and the number of over-50 senior hosts has been rapidly growing. Airbnb Korea set an objective to highlight the social benefits of home-sharing as a means to driver business growth.

Airbnb Korea launched its campaign, ‘Airbnb active senior's life on hosting—the second life began in a spare room’, strategically using storytelling by senior hosts who are energetically living out a second life by sharing their spare rooms. The core target was Korea’s active seniors aged 50 and above. Airbnb Korea developed stories about 12 Airbnb senior hosts who experienced positive personal life changes and an improvement in social value. The stories were distributed through online storytelling platforms as a teaser, then this was followed up with the offline publication of a book, media interviews and lectures. The unique points of this campaign were that Airbnb played a story-hunter role and 12 senior hosts were storytellers; powerful storytelling content achieved multiple goals; and the campaign kept generating public interests after the campaign period was over.

As a result, more than 200 articles have raised interests in senior hosting and there were over 250,000 views of the online story platform. The campaign contributed to attracting new hosts, and created a positive perception of both home-sharing and Airbnb by highlighting its social benefits.


Campaign Title

Vivid Sydney 2016

Destination NSW

Red Agency

Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas, is a major driver of visitors to Sydney during the Australian winter, and adds millions of dollars to the New South Wales economy. It is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the state government’s tourism authority.

In 2016 Vivid Sydney ran for an extra five nights (23 in total), and included more light precincts and music and ideas events. Despite the size of the festival, a limited advertising budget existed. PR needed to encourage more domestic and international visitors to see and experience Vivid Sydney for more nights, and build pride among Sydneysiders to trigger greater advocacy and a warm welcome.

As a result, the overall strategy was to build a content hub for Vivid Sydney with bespoke multimedia content created in partnership with media outlets, targeted by audience passion points, using new technologies such as drone footage and 360-degree video and time-lapse video to offer new perspectives.

In doing so, the aim was to overcome issues with diminishing media resources, prevent media fatigue by offering new glimpses into the festival and behind-the-scenes stories, and create shareable content for local and international media to ensure fast, frequent coverage.

The campaign was a phenomenal success. More than 2.3 million visitors attended Vivid Sydney, a phenomenal increase of 35 percent, with visitor spend up by 75 percent to $110 million and international and domestic travel package sales up an impressive 104 percent to 88,300.

More than 15,880 media clips were generated, clocking up over 15 billion individual views, up 287 percent on 2015, with international coverage up 203 percent. More than 2,000 broadcast segments were secured, equating to 62 hours of TV time. Vivid Sydney’s key messages were featured in 96 percent of coverage and 92 percent included an image or multimedia content provided by Vivid Sydney.


Campaign Title


Star India Pvt. Ltd.

Genesis Burson-Marsteller

Star Sports, India’s largest sports channel had successfully launched a kabaddi league for men in 2014 and wanted to replicate that success in 2016 with women’s kabaddi. A contact sport popular in rural India, kabaddi is usually played by men, since women are traditionally considered ‘too delicate’ for it. Star Sports’ challenge was how to encourage viewership of a women-only sport.

Based on the insight that women in India are rapidly crossing the boundaries that have been laid out for them in fields ranging from science to sport, Star Sports created a campaign that became a rallying cry for women everywhere—and for the players of women’s kabaddi in particular. In kabaddi, to score a point, you need to cross a white line drawn into the ground. The concept took this aspect of the game and launched a campaign called ‘Cross the line’. This focused on the extraordinary stories of ordinary girls who lived in small towns and had beaten all obstacles to achieve national glory. Using a mix of video storytelling, print and broadcast outreach, advertising, social media and on-ground engagement, ‘Cross the line’ captured the struggles and the successes of the players of women’s kabaddi in an engaging and captivating manner.

Women’s kabaddi reached out to over 90.4 million people via TV broadcast on Star Sports and stadiums ran at 85 percent capacity for each of the matches of the Women’s Kabaddi Challenge. Amazingly, just two matches of women’s kabaddi surpassed the viewership figures of the whole UEFA Euro Cup 2016. Securing 218.2 million impressions, the campaign inspired many young girls to take up alternative sports and changed the perception of what is considered ‘appropriate’ for a woman in India.




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