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Asia-Pacific PR Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Lux Ignite the Spark

Unilever Asia Pte Limited

Golin Singapore

After nearly 90 years, Lux’s position as the world’s number one beauty soap brand was being challenged by newer brands competing in the same category. To re-establish brand distinctiveness and regain consumer relevance, a brand and product re-launch was needed to re-position and differentiate Lux.

To establish Lux as a premium global brand, build the fine fragrance credentials of our Classic Collection, and to ensure one consistent brand and product voice Unilever created: Global Spark Research, a study with over 3,000 women in seven countries including China, India, Thailand, and Indonesia, which explored how important the “Spark” is to women.

From there a series of initiatives were rolled out including the Exclusive House of Lux events, engagement with key online influencers.

Ahead of the main House of Lux event, beauty media were invited to an exclusive perfume Master Class hosted by a Master Perfumer, who guided them through an immersive hands-on fragrance experience to re-create the Soft Touch fragrance, helping to generate earned editorial content. These exclusive sessions were successfully carried out with Master Perfumers in Singapore, Pakistan and Thailand.

Local celebrity Spark couples and Spark psychologists also got up close and personal with the audience, sharing tips and stories on what keeps the Spark alive in their relationship. Media had exclusive one-on-one time to interview the Spark couple as well, seeding a stronger message of Lux helping to Ignite the Spark. These influential spokespeople were engaged to increase relevance among younger consumers.

Campaign Title

Workforce 2020 - #millennialmyths and the Future of Work



The rise of millennials was all over the media last year – how they differ from other generations, what they demand from work and life, how they use technology, how they will shape the future of work.

Today’s millennials are the 80 million “digital natives” who will constitute 75 per cent of the workforce by 2025. By 2020, 60 per cent of millennials will be in Asia Pacific – they will drive the region’s economic growth and innovation.

SAP recognized the importance of this shift both as a business concern for enterprise customers and as an opportunity to highlight the need for Human Capital Management software.

The goal was establish SAP as a credible voice in the conversation on the Future of Work and engage of millennials in Asia Pacific and strengthen SAP’s positioning. Execution included a regional and local launch events, social media and influencer engagement, youth events.

The campaign generated 60+ articles in top regional and local business, HR and technology media, such as Channel NewsAsia, ZDNet and ABC TV across 8 countries in Asia Pacific. SAP broke through with youth and HR media like HRM Asia not often interested in company-focused content.

Twitter chat reached 50+ contributors, 400+ tweets, 53,000 accounts, totaling 610,000 impressions, primarily across Asia, with retweets elsewhere. The event also generated employee buzz across Asia and created content for pitching, blogs and global social media channels.