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Asia-Pacific PR Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

United Problem Solvers (Asia Pacific)


Ogilvy Public Relations

As a global leader in logistics with a price premium and a public perception that it only caters to big MNCs, it’s easy to see how for some businesses, particularly SMEs, UPS might seem out of reach. Amid an uncertain economic climate, businesses were cutting costs and logistics and shipping was one area to make savings. UPS’s established, premium offering was going to be a tough sell.

Though logistics is the engine that keeps Asia’s trade economy humming, it’s not front-of-mind for most businesspeople in Asia. Seeing it as a cost centre, they tend not to think too much about how logistics can help them to gain a competitive advantage or save money if applied strategically. As a result, they often go with whoever can (seemingly) ship fastest and cheapest.

To change this mindset, the campaign needed to reach decision-makers across 10 countries in APAC within key vertical sectors, and also SMEs which account for over 97 percent of all enterprises across Asia, to demonstrate that UPS isn’t just a partner for big multinationals. To do this, it revamped its approach to communicating, repositioning itself as a business adviser and industry segment expert, bringing UPS’s United Problem Solvers platform to life in Asia.

The new approach drove real business results, with UPS achieving growth of nearly 20 percent for Asia Region exports, year-on-year volume growth in key vertical segments and intra-Asia shipments and exceeding average daily volume targets, helping to contribute to UPS’s record full-year revenues of US$61 billion in 2016.

The campaign also realised its communications objectives by outshining all competitors in the press, claiming nearly 40 percent share of voice across 10 markets in Asia, directly engaging with more than 1,000 prospective SME customers through forums, high-level conferences and workshops as executive visibility soared more than 25 percent year-on-year.

Campaign Title

Understanding What is Most Important to Consumers in Asia-Pacific: Launching the Prudential Relationship Index

Prudential Corporation Asia

Ruder Finn Asia

Relationships are a core insurance business driver, often providing purchase motivation: to protect and provide for loved ones. Understanding relationships therefore offered Prudential Asia significant business and marketing opportunities.

Based on this intelligence, Ruder Finn designed an Asia-wide campaign to establish Prudential as a relationship thought-leader. The campaign’s goals included creating increased business preference for Prudential; establishing the brand as an innovative, informed relationship thought-leader; defining relationship insight via compelling, relevant new research; and connecting new Prudential relationship positioning, relevantly and locally, with millions of people in Asia.

The agency’s strategy was to secure leadership to take clear ownership of the relationship-insight space. It set out to build credibility by appointing global research firm Ipsos to undertake all fieldwork and analytics. Keeping the focus on single markets, while maintaining regional branding, ensured the campaign’s relevance, while Ruder Finn sought to create engagement by generating dialogue alongside issuing materials.

The campaign centre-point was the development of the Prudential Relationship Index, a 5,000-person, 10-market Ipsos research study, which identified the highs and lows of personal relationships in Asia. Through owned, shared, paid and earned channels, Ruder Finn communicated findings directly and indirectly to customers in every market.

Campaign performance exceeded all KPIs. Measurement research available showed an average 51 percent awareness of the index across target groups, a 19 percent higher level of consumers’ willingness to speak to agent and 13 percent higher brand consideration, year-on-year. Other results included 52.1 million total impressions, 4.1 million film views, 216,000 microsite visits (187,000 unique visitors), 73,000 Facebook Live attendees in Singapore, 28,000 Facebook relationship quizzes completed, 2,500 downloads of the relationship index report, and widespread media and social media coverage (worth over US$1 million).

Campaign Title

Ford EcoBoost: Mileage you need. Power you want.

Ford Motor Company Asia Pacific

Ford WPP X Team led by Burson-Marsteller

In Asia-Pacific, fuel economy is a major consideration factor for customers looking for a new car; and Ford faces outdated perceptions relating to poor fuel efficiency. Customer insights told the brand that while drivers are looking for fuel-efficient cars, they do not want to compromise on power. While Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost engine technology satisfies both these parameters, it was receiving more attention on its power than on its efficiency. This clearly defined a need to drive awareness about the technology’s benefits, especially fuel efficiency, in a consumer-friendly way.

This led Ford to a comprehensive earned, owned and paid creative campaign—‘Ford EcoBoost: mileage you need, power you want’—across 10 markets including China, India, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong and South Korea.

The strategy was to position EcoBoost as a smarter choice that can deliver the fuel efficiency drivers need, as well as the power they desire. The brand decided to index more on the efficiency story and create awareness around the driver’s role in efficient driving, in a consumer-friendly way. Ford’s focus was on the drivers and their ability to get more mileage, which in turn delivers monetary savings for the target audience.

The campaign had a strong foundation of customer-focused creative content, relevant media partnerships, interest-based targeting and smart use of owned platforms.

The campaign exceeded perception and share of voice targets, helping to improve public perception of Ford’s fuel efficiency and enhancing favourable opinion of the brand.



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