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BA. Healthcare: Ethical Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Believing in the Miracle of Life: Raising awareness of HER2+ Breast Cancer among Chinese Audience


Daniel J. Edelman China Group

Breast cancer is a leading killer of Chinese women. With 20-30 per cent of breast cancer patients HER2 positive, a Roche patient survey found only 13 per cent of patients were aware of HER2 testing and only 10 per cent knew about targeted therapy. Although Roche had carried out HER2 education around its target therapy Herceptin for more than 10 years, awareness was still very low. The objective was to raise the awareness of HER2+ breast cancer as an independent disease among both patients and other influencers and eventually lead more patients to seek HER2 testing and target therapy.

The solution was to turn the disease into a broader social campaign with a strong call to action. The agency conceptualised a logo that would represent the concept of HER2. It used a black butterfly to symbolise the disease, on a pink ribbon target, to represent target therapy. This logo was used as part of all programmes to drive awareness of the concept. The campaign’s messages emphasised the high risk and burden of HER2+ breast cancer to Chinese society and patients’ families. The campaign’s call to action appealed to Chinese from all walks of life to support HER2+ breast cancer patients and to join the cause by sharing stories or spreading educational information about the disease. The campaign also had an emotional connection to all stakeholders. KOLs, patients, and celebrities were invited to co-create content about HER2+ breast cancer. While healthcare journalists were a natural target, the agency also targeted journalists from fashion and lifestyle media, from traditional to social media platforms to create buzz.

The campaign engaged 16 breast cancer KOLs and 11 HER2+breast cancer patients, through their participation or endorsement of the campaign. More than 500 people attended the campaign launch, with 120 participating in the interactive session. In terms of coverage, over 400 news articles were published; multiple in-depth feature stories were secured with 7 print media, 5 TV media and 2 online media. All of the coverage mentioned HER2+ breast cancer. A total of 250 million impressions on traditional, social and online media were generated.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Pfizer Viagra PR Operation in 2013


Elite PR Consultants Shanghai Branch

Viagra, the world’s first oral phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor approved by the US FDA, is the largest prescription drug for treating male erectile dysfunction (ED) by sales. In China, Viagra is the absolute leader in the ED medication sector, with 61 per cent of market share, while facing three critical challenges: 1) Huge market growth potential, amid rapid rise in demand for ED drugs; 2) Lack of awareness and actions: 40 million Chinese men with ED lack awareness of the presence of erectile problems; 3) Prevalence of counterfeit medications: Up to 80 per cent of Viagra bought online is fake.

The strategy was to motivate actions via positive communications: A shift from scare tactics to positive messaging - focusing on the pursuit of wellness, health and solutions. The agency also set out to create buzz by aligning ED issue with three holidays. It set out to influence the target audience to seek medical help and treatment by reaching them through their choice of media and integrating online and offline interactions. The campaign was built around the ‘Tough Guy Exercise’ idea to tie the strategy into fitness and health.

The campaign generated PR Value worth of nearly Rmb 45.6 million throughout the year, approx. 38 times of the cost. Media/social media communications covered 2.6 billion visitors/viewers, while the ‘Tough Guy Exercise’ online video generated more than 270,000 views. Viagra sales continued to nearly double that of the second largest ED medication.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

‘More Control, More Satisfaction’ – Priligy (Premature Ejaculation Drug) Product Launch Campaign

A. Menarini Hong Kong Limited

Ogilvy CommonHealth Mind Resource

Priligy, a product by A. Menarini, the first and only drug in the market that specifically addresses PE, was in a David-versus-Goliath situation against Viagra. The objective for the campaign was to launch Priligy into the Hong Kong market and put PE on the radar of both HCPs and the general public, as measured by the sales performance of both Priligy and Viagra.

The agency visualised the idea of ‘Control’ by adopting a ‘couple yoga’ concept/visual throughout our campaign. This concept resonated with the target audience as it represented control and the relationship aspect of the condition. It also alluded to the intimacy between couples.

The campaign delivered almost 100 cases of media coverage, translating to an estimated media value over HK42 million. The ATL campaign also garnered 6.8 million impressions during campaign period. The online PE assessment page recorded about 3,500 page views with a lower bounce rate at 38.5 per cent, signifying a high engagement with audience.



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