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BB. Technology Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Sony Xperia Z1: The Rise of Mobile Photography

Sony India Pvt. Ltd.


Sony had launched a new smartphone flagship model called ‘Xperia Z1’. The brand wanted to dominate the android imaging space in a fiercely crowded smartphone market in India with a 20.7 Megapixel camera in the phone. Advances in camera phone technology were making the world of compact cameras redundant. Sales of compact cameras had fallen by 30-35 per cent from the 2011 levels. The Xperia Z1, at the time of release, was the most powerful android imaging device in the world. The objective was to position Sony’s new flagship as the best camera phone in the market and showcase the strengths of its different camera features.

The campaign was designed to answer and dispel beliefs that only professional cameras could produce high quality images. The brand brought in celebrated smartphone photographers, each with a different style, to inspire photography enthusiasts. Instead of demonstrating beautiful photographs in an exhibition gallery – it brought the gallery to everyone’s screens. We did this through an expanding real-time gallery, with photographs in different styles, from different parts of India. To make it a two-way conversation, if you were to have any questions at all – you could ask the photographers themselves.

The most significant result was that it helped Sony earn the trust of its fans as a brand that is transparent and open to interactions. The campaign not only produced wonderful art, but also answered all the questions from interested buyers. The Brand Trust barometer moved Sony up 3 notches form its fifth rank (2012) to second (2014). At the end of 2014, Xperia phones contributed to 25 per cent of the company’s revenues.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Evernote Life Campaign


20:20 MSL

Evernote is a multi-platform web and mobile application that helps people take and access notes. After a random sampling primary survey and secondary research, the agency recognised that Evernote products were beginning to be appreciated by consumers after a year of promotion, but it was seen as a pure tech aid. The clutter in the app market and the ‘discomfort’ of using Evernote over the age-old pen and paper for making notes, created a challenge. In addition, the productivity suite of apps, that Evernote belongs to, weren’t as attractive to users as compared with gaming or entertainment apps. The challenge was to boost the user base after an already successful wave of promotion.

Engagement and evangelisation lay at the core of the agency’s strategy. The agency created platforms for constant and consistent two-way communication with a variety of stakeholders. The brand was positioned as a daily use digital accessory. All communication efforts were tuned to showcase the growth of the company and the product. Pitches to the media showcased Evernote’s applicability for daily use and evangelisation happened through speaking opportunities at industry forums, community events and creative stunts such as food walks and cyclothons.

India became the market with the highest percentage of user growth, amongst all Asia Pacific regions for Evernote. Users went from 1 to 2 million users, in a record time of 11 months (April to February). The premium user base jumped to 8 per cent, from the near 5 per cent it was a year earlier 

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

Shijiebang- Going Old School 2.0



Shijiebang is a new online travel consulting agency that provides a variety of services including travel packages to overseas destinations, assistance with visa applications, and a Q&A platform. The website was well designed and the services easy to use, but Shijiebang was not unique. To meet the needs of a new generation of travellers, thousands of travel services have popped up throughout China vying for attention in an already saturated market. With similar offerings and nearly identical travel destinations, how could a relative newcomer stand out in the crowd?

The agency started with the idea of ‘free’ promotion that already exists in China. Graffiti ads are spray painted all over China. The ads usually provide the numbers for different types of services. The most common ads are usually for fake certificates. This presented an interesting angle: Shijiebang provides bona fide assistance with documentation for travel and the use of this form of promotion might be perceived by the target audience as a humorous angle other competitors in the travel industry hadn’t explored.

During the campaign period, the original post received 486 comments and 39 likes. Weibo impressions exceeded 2.9 million.



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