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Panasonic Corporation

Dentsu Inc. and Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

Dual-income families in Japan increased roughly twofold from 6.14 million households in 1980 to 10.77 million in 2014. This led to a decrease in family communications and less interaction — 20 percent spent less than two days per week together, including weekends/holidays.

Japanese people rarely express emotions verbally. We found 84.7% of Japanese people have never told family members, “I love you.” Reasons included, "not used to saying it", "too shy to say it", and "my love is implicit, so it goes without saying". However, one in two respondents actually wanted to express their love verbally. Panasonic aims to provide a more comfortable living environment, and saw warming family relations as part of this mission.

Panasonic conducted the first-of-its-kind experiment to measure changes in body temperature produced by verbal expressions of love. The experiment showed body temperatures rose by an average 0.8°C. After watching a video of the experiment, 67.3 percent of respondents felt a desire to express their love to family members; one in three men actually did so. Average time per visit to the product website rose 244 percent, and Panasonic's brand image rose 13.3 percent.

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IKEA cooks its way into Chinese hearts: It's the Little Things that Matter consumer campaign

IKEA China


Ikea strives to make every day better for people and for the 2016 fiscal year it focused marketing and communications on the home kitchen. But Western utensils don’t always suit Chinese cooking practices. Can the Swedish company teach a food-proud nation to eat and cook better?

Our challenge was clear: galvanise Ikea’s image as the Life Improvement Store and boost in-store traffic and kitchenware purchases. Ikea studied how people across China eat and use their kitchens, and found dining had become an important way to entertain for many. Ikea had a chance to foster the satisfaction that comes from cooking at home. We created an integrated marketing, digital/social media and communications campaign, ‘It’s the little things that matter’. At its heart was ‘Cook for love’, where consumers expressed love through cookery and we filmed their stories to amplify messages online.

Over the four-month campaign, Ikea’s kitchenware sales shot up 34 percent over the period, up 20 percent year on year; and in-store traffic went up 24 percent, up 13 percent year on year. The eight short films garnered over 1.9 million views; achieved 26.7 million social media impressions and over 11,300 interactions; and generated 974 clippings worth over Rmb18.8 million.



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