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Campaign Title

Drop the Stress


Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Limited

OtterBox is the mobile phone case dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a phone while living their active lifestyle. Ogilvy took OtterBox customer feedback stories, backed them up with quantitative research, then turned the insight into a world-first credible scientific experiment.

The strategy was to bring out that moment of truth—that ‘heart-in-mouth moment’ immediately after you drop a phone—to drive attention to protection and sales of OtterBox cases. Reaching down to pick up a dropped phone while holding your breath is an unrecognised stress-event in today’s device-obsessed lives. The strategy was to dramatise and quantify this event to jolt phone owners into buying a protective case that could negate this stress.

The creative idea was ‘Drop the stress’—a scientific yet fun test that proved dropping your phone was more stressful than deadlines, being startled by a sudden loud noise or even giving a public speech—all things Ogilvy knew the Asia audience found stressful, as confirmed by a poll conducted on Facebook prior to the campaign. Divorce, marriage, moving house and having children all head up the usual top 10 lists of stressful events; this campaign set out to update the list with a new stress that people face far more often in their smartphone-dependent lives.

The campaign secured 307 pieces of earned media stories for the brand across print, online and social channels in key target markets in Asia—Hong Kong, Japan, China and Malaysia. All media stories delivered the brand’s key message: to stop the stress, good phone protection is vital.

Campaign Title

TRY! Noodle Cradle

Kagawa Prefecture


Kagawa prefecture, also known as the ‘udon prefecture’, has a problem with decreasing population, and it was essential to attract the attention of child-raising generations. That was why the prefecture started a PR campaign last year claiming “udon can stop your baby from crying”, based on research that found “the sound of slurping udon noodles resembles the in-womb sound”. But the general opinion was that Kagawa Prefecture was making a joke—but actually they were serious.

In order to verify this news, the lieutenant governor of the prefecture himself, conducted the ‘Verification experiment of the noodle cradle’. He demonstrated the surprising result that nine out of 10 babies stopped crying. Kagawa prefecture filmed the experiment and released it to the public as a PR video.

The verification video by the lieutenant governor spread in a matter of seconds after its release. When web news and TV programmes started to cover this video, a discussion over the truthfulness—“Do they really stop crying?”—was ignited on SNS and people started to try it for themselves. Finally a TV programme decided to verify the fact from its own perspective.

With this verification, 72.7 percent of people now believe in udon’ s miracle power.



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