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LEGO SG50: Rebuild Your Memories

LEGO Singapore

iris Singapore

Tasked by Lego to leverage on Singapore’s 50th birthday, we decided on an integrated communications campaign to remind Singaporeans of a collective ‘Kampong Spirit’. We had identified the first two phases – ‘Rebuild your memories’ contest and Lego SG50 event. The final component needed to wrap up the campaign and leave a memorable mark on every Singaporean.

We needed to punch above our weight despite a tiny budget to gain media attention and resonate with the population emotionally.

We built on the insight that Singaporeans are born builders. But we sometimes forget the original values that make us truly Singaporeans – our ‘Kampong Spirit’ and a place that we called ‘home’. At the core of the 50th birthday celebrations lay an inherent tension: Singaporeans had forgotten that their society’s progress was built on a simple human kindness. Lego had an opportunity to remind them — and we did it with children.

We asked kids to re-imagine what Singapore would look like if they were urban planners shaping our future city. Their pathos and altruism pulled at the heartstrings and served as a beautiful reminder of what’s truly important as Singapore enters a new chapter in its history.

Campaign Title


Panasonic Corporation

Dentsu Inc. and Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

Dual-income families in Japan increased roughly twofold from 6.14 million households in 1980 to 10.77 million in 2014. This led to a decrease in family communications and less interaction — 20 percent spent less than two days per week together, including weekends/holidays.

Japanese people rarely express emotions verbally. We found 84.7% of Japanese people have never told family members, “I love you.” Reasons included, "not used to saying it", "too shy to say it", and "my love is implicit, so it goes without saying". However, one in two respondents actually wanted to express their love verbally. Panasonic aims to provide a more comfortable living environment, and saw warming family relations as part of this mission.

Panasonic conducted the first-of-its-kind experiment to measure changes in body temperature produced by verbal expressions of love. The experiment showed body temperatures rose by an average 0.8°C. After watching a video of the experiment, 67.3 percent of respondents felt a desire to express their love to family members; one in three men actually did so. Average time per visit to the product website rose 244 percent, and Panasonic's brand image rose 13.3 percent.

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December Baby

Jetstar Asia

AKA Asia

Corporate birthdays are a notoriously hard sell. Jetstar Asia wanted to develop a campaign to celebrate its 11th year in Singapore. But as this fell in December, how could Jetstar Asia cut through the festive clutter with a social-driven idea?

One group knows all about being overshadowed by Christmas — December babies.


Drawing on this shared bond, we developed a content-rich campaign that resonated with our audience. Forget Christmas — Jetstar wished December babies a very Happy Birthday!

We launched the campaign with a mockumentary video featuring December babies’ sad Christmas tales, opening a competition asking other December babies to share their story with the hashtag #JetstarDecemberBaby.

Clearly December babies had been waiting for someone to recognise their plight. We received hundreds of entries: pictures of Christmas-themed birthday parties, videos and happy birthday wishes for Jetstar! Eleven winners received the ultimate birthday present. We created a Christmas birthday mash-up song and surprised our winners with banners, a giant present filled with balloons and two Jetstar tickets to anywhere, anytime.

Over 1.1 million people watched a video of the December babies’ surprised reactions online.

How do you stand out at Christmas? Don’t mention Christmas at all. Merry birthday, everyone!




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