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Biti's Hunter - Go Far to be Truly Back

Biti's Vietnam

Redder Advertising

 Biti’s Hunter—a newborn child of Vietnam’s heritage footwear brand, Biti’s—successfully drove a reinvigoration of its mother brand through an engagement campaign targeting young consumers. As a sportswear brand standing for travelling inspiration, Biti’s Hunter recognised the occasion of Tet (Lunar New Year) as the biggest homing holiday and the longest vacation of Vietnam, consequently the peak of conflict between going home and travelling.

Based on the powerful insight that home is most valued when people go far and experience enough to appreciate it, the brand launched its ‘Go far to be truly back’ campaign. It started with social controversy between #teamGO and #teamBACK led by KOLs. At the peak of the debate, Biti’s Hunter released its answer in an original music video of Vietnam’s arising singer Soobin Hoang Son—unveiling the insight, celebrating how journeys awaken appreciation for home in young hearts, the perfect answer for both sides of the conflict and for Hunter, the brand of travelling inspiration.

To gain more huge attention for the brand, Biti’s Hunter also inserted its modern shoes in a historical music video of Son Tung M-TP—Vietnam’s hottest and most controversial celebrity—Lac Troi/Lost, launched at the same time.

In two days Biti’s received more attention than over the previous 10 years: 400 earned media coverage from 60 key media; 220 million interactions from 20 million unique Vietnamese young people. The MVs championed YouTube Trending Vietnam in 21 days, earning Biti’s Hunter the No 1 spot on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard Vietnam. The songs also championed Zing Mp3—Vietnam’s No 1 digital music chart—for eight weeks, earning 180 million views and listens. Most importantly, Biti’s Hunter collection sold out in seven days, recording 300 percent growth compared to the previous Tet season.

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Prudential Relationship Index


RFI Daylight

 Few things matter more in life than people’s closest relationships. To get to the heart of things, RFI Daylight spoke with thousands across Asia and what it learned changed everything.

Across Asia, 57 percent of survey respondents say they tell their partners “I love you” every week; 37 percent worry their partners prefer their phones over being intimate; 31 percent squabble on a weekly basis; and one in five considers breaking up—every week.

Relationships are important, but how many pay attention to them? Led by the insight that good relationships mean a healthy, happy, longer life, and that everyone wants to protect and provide for their loved ones, the agency conceived of a campaign to establish Prudential as the relationship thought-leader in the minds of consumers across the region.

What started out as a regional survey of 5,000 participants evolved into an Asia-wide campaign featuring nine Prudential Relationship Index platforms adapted into various local languages—spanning markets as diverse as Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

This included 15 original films that revealed essential insights about what brings people together, and what pulls them apart; live-streamed panel-discussions hosted by local celebrities, and thought-provoking articles that challenged readers to re-evaluate the way they connect with those they love.

The result was millions engaged, the campaign’s business KPIs exceeded and Prudential firmly established as a relationship thought-leader.

Campaign Title

Jetstar goes Singlish, lah!

Jetstar Asia

AKA Asia

 Jetstar Asia is a joint Australian and Singaporean venture, but not many know that Singapore is a part of the airline’s heritage. The campaign aimed to position Jetstar as one of Singapore’s own, and build brand affinity and love among locals.

Living in a melting pot of cultures, traditions and languages, one thing that binds every Singaporean together is Singlish, the nation’s shared local language. So how did the airline make its brand feel like one of Singapore’s own? Speak their language—literally.

The idea embraced the brand’s Singaporean identity by adopting Singlish as Jetstar’s official language in an April Fools’ Day prank. The campaign tricked the nation into believing that in-flight and service announcements would be made in Singlish on Jetstar flights. This involved creating a behind-the-scenes mockumentary of the ‘Jetstar Singlistics training programme’ to keep fans (and the media) guessing. And it even included an announcement that Jetstar was translating its website into Singlish—driving people to the site to check whether the rumours were true.

The campaign could have stopped there. But when consumers begged the airline to make the Singlish flights a reality, the brand listened. Jetstar launched Singlish flights for one day only on Singapore’s 51st birthday, becoming an integral and much-talked-about part of the nation’s celebrations.

In one weekend, the April-fool video racked up 1.5 million views, primarily driven organically by media coverage. Preview footage of the first Singlish flight for National Day was shared over 20,000 times and viewed by over 2.2 million people. The National Day follow-up campaign landed over 120 pieces of media with a reach of over 25 million people. That means on average, every Singaporean saw a piece of media coverage about Jetstar five times in the run up to National Day. That’s no joke.



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