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Best Use of Digital

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SG Heart Map


Tate Anzur

Greater global mobility and diaspora, with constant suggestions that “happiness is elsewhere” created a challenge to inspire apathetic, nay-saying Singaporeans to realise their sense of rootedness to Singapore. They can spy propaganda from a mile away. The solution was … not another government-led initiative! From the get-go, we wanted to convince them we genuinely wanted them to get involved and that it will not be some top-down directive.

As part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50) celebrations, SG Heart Map is introduced. It is the first ever crowd-sourced map celebrating individuals’ special moments in many places across the country. From our Prime Minister, to CEOs, to young couples who met, married and bought their first home, Singaporeans openly shared their personal stories, and found a renewed connection with Singapore.

SG Heart Map broke many barriers and records — a public sector campaign driven digitally by the people, from the heart and from the ground-up. It was also named as one of the best things about SG50!

The initiative brought Singaporeans together across generations, evoked shared memories, and reminded them why Singapore will always have a place in their hearts. After all, home is where the heart is.

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Toyota Marketing Japan Corporation

Dentsu Inc.

The automobile industry is a key industry in Japan. In particular, Toyota is a global top-class automobile manufacturer. However, car ownership in Japan dropped to just 20 per cent among young people in the last 10 years. The focus of young people is on games, YouTube, and anime, and they have no interest in cars.

To change the perception of cars and make cars the partner of young people once more, the idea was to turn parts of the Prius into characters like those in games that young people like. Many smartphone contents, such as games and anime featuring the characters, were produced. The more that young people enjoyed these contents on their smartphones, the more knowledgeable they became about the Prius.

Dealers also had major design changes. An understanding of the performance of the Prius was deepened through the characters. The campaign became a huge topic throughout Japan, producing the most viral content of Toyota's SNS, worldwide.

The number of young people visiting dealers increased by 30 percent. Test drives also increased by 20 percent. Prius sales were eight times more than expected, becoming first place in Japan.

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ibisPLAY.com: a music playground come to life


Weber Shandwick Australia

Ibis Hotels wanted to capture the domestic youth travel market by aligning with something that would engage its target 18-24 year old audience — music. We were tasked with developing a social media strategy to increase engagement with this audience.

Through analysing previous campaigns and a social listening audit, we uncovered:
• ibis had never associated itself with music and conversations focused on its primary offering, travel.
• More than 65% of the ibis Facebook community were over-45s.

We also found that the online music space is noisy so “social media” alone would not achieve cut-through. We created an online content hub — ibisPlay.com to engage young consumers and provide local entertainment experiences within music “playgrounds” surrounding ibis Hotels. The site achieved success through significant social media promotion, competitions and money-can’t-buy-experiences.

Our ibis Hotels Facebook content reaches over 500,000 unique users each month, with an average engagement rate over 5 percent for our editorial content. The ibisPlay website averages over 20,000 unique visitors per month, with over 85 percent aged 18-34.
Since the campaign, 18-24 year olds went from 8 percent of our Facebook community to 38 percent, while bookings from this segment increased 18.7 percent year-on-year.




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