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Brand Development Campaign of the Year (Product)

Campaign Title

Bosch: Power Up Your Life


Edelman China

More than 60 million men and women work as tradesmen in China, making up the largest users of power tools in the country. As a leading supplier of power tools, Bosch wanted to directly engage with these end users, bypassing the traditional B2B model and ultimately increasing brand loyalty. But as a notoriously hard group to target, this was easier said than done.


This led to the Bosch Dream Campaign, a competition to find China’s best tradesmen through a series of online and offline challenges. Starting with a mobile game, we tested the tradesmen’s virtual skills with Bosch Power Tools and invited the top players to participate in offline training sessions around China where they competed for the title of Bosch Dream Champion. The competition was supported by paid media and social media posts, encouraging discussion of the competition, Bosch’s products and the competitors by the tradesmen.


Generating over 331,000 visits to the official microsite, the Bosch Dream campaign managed to successfully engage with a previously unreachable audience. What’s more, Bosch were able to form a database of 40,000 registered users, allowing them to partner together with the tradesmen as their careers and businesses developed.


Campaign Title

IKEA cooks its way into Chinese hearts: It's the Little Things that Matter consumer campaign

IKEA China


For the 2016 fiscal year Ikea focused marketing and communications efforts on the home kitchen with a focus on the Chinese market. To better understand Chinese tastes, and source content that would resonate with them, IKEA conducted a Chinese study of how people across the nation eat and use their kitchens.


Our challenge was clear: galvanize Ikea’s image as the Life Improvement Store and stimulate interest for kitchen gear by way of in-store traffic and purchases. The research revealed that cooking and dining has become an important way to “entertain” when it comes to eating and making food at home for Chinese families.


We created a themed campaign called “It’s the Little Things That Matter”. We invited consumers to express their love through the intimate act of cooking and filmed their stories to amplify messages online.


At the end of the four-month integrated consumer campaign, revenues of IKEA’s kitchen range shot up 34 per cent for the period, up 20 per cent over the last year, and in-store traffic went up 24 per cent, up 13 per cent over last year. The eight short films garnered over 1.9 million views; achieved 26.7+million social media impressions and over 11,300 interactions with fans; generated 974 clippings worth excess 18.8 million RMB.


Campaign Title

Dole: The "Wearable_Banana"

Dole Japan, Inc.

Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. and Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

As a sponsor of the Tokyo Marathon since 2008, Dole Japan, Inc. had built a close connection with the event and helped establish bananas as a great food for runners. However, the company wished to distinguish its brand further from its rivals in Japan’s crowded banana market, as well as highlight the fact that its bananas had superior nutritional benefits for sport.


To achieve this, we took inspiration from the growing wearable tech market to invent the “Wearable Banana” for Tokyo Marathon 2015, a device with a practical use for runners as well as a powerful PR message.


Both runners with “Wearable Bananas” attached to their wrists managed to finish the marathon before finishing off their unique wearable devices. Beyond race data, the bananas provided vital potassium and energy as well. While the experiment showed the “Wearable Banana” could be used as a functional and practical device for runners, it also demonstrated Dole runner’s bananas to be a race exhaustion recovery solution.


The video was accessed from 178 countries, receiving comments such as “Forget the Apple Watch!” and “The World's First Smartfruit!” Aside from major international news outlets, media impressions totaled more than 45 million in Japan alone. Dole banana sales shot up 193 per cent in the first week after the event compared to the week before the event.


Campaign Title

Mirinda Sarsi "Being Nerdy is Being Cool"

Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage

Redder Advertising

Mirinda Sarsi had a mission to rejuvenate the brand image, which was before perceived as old-fashioned and disconnected from Vietnamese youth culture.


Using the insight that Vietnamese teens have personal interests they do not share with friends for fear of being perceived as nerdy, the Mirinda Sarsi created the “Being Nerdy is Being Cool” campaign. It was launched on Youtube, Facebook, Zing & Zalo (the no.1 Vietnam chat app).


The campaign film achieved more than 2,500,000 views and over 500,000 Facebook interactions, including 126,000 unique shares (Unruly). More than 276,000 Vietnamese teens shared their nerdy interests on the campaign microsite on Zing. 76,000 of those coming from Zalo - this is the highest submission rate of a digital campaign across channels in Vietnam’s market so far, 11 times higher than market norm (11 per cent vs. 1 per cent).


Sarsi volume sales have grown by 22.4 per cent versus last year during the campaign; volume share increases 0.4 per cent among CSD category during December 2015. Regarding the brand health check, the fun attribute increased 3 points in December 2015 while brand love increased by 1 point in December 2015.




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