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Business-to-Business Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Challenge 2015

Volvo Trucks


Haulage businesses, a core customer group for Volvo Trucks in Asia, have high operational costs where fuel forms up to half the costs. Our primary objective was to train haulage business owners in fuel-efficient driving, and our approach was to quantify the impact of fuel efficiency on the bottom line. We organised a training programme, including a competition for drivers across the region, called the Asia Pacific Fuel Watch Challenge. The driver who drove the furthest with the same amount of fuel as other competitors was the winner. The competition enabled the Volvo brand to engage with over 4000 drivers and showed them how 17.5 percent of fuel can be saved through infographics, driver booklets, tips and a cost-calculator app. For a 500-truck fleet, US$4.6 million may potentially be saved per year.

Campaign Title

Sendle Launch


Sling & Stone

Despite technology disrupting almost every industry in the past few years, the delivery and logistics industry in Australia has remained stagnant and still cumbersome, forcing small businesses to use the incumbent monopoly Australia Post. Australian start-up Sendle wanted to offer small businesses a more affordable, door-to-door delivery service. We identified which pain points affected small businesses the most and what would help them trust a new player. Playing on a David-versus-Goliath analogy, we seeded stories about the anti-competitive actions taken by Australia Post. The campaign was delivered on a very lean PR budget with no additional above-the-line advertising to support it, but has been highly successful in direct lead generation for Sendle. One prospect, and now turned large customer, even contacted Sendle within an hour of a story being placed. The number of Sendle accounts has increased 205 times since engaging in PR, with the volume of parcel deliveries increasing an average of 25 percent month on month.

Campaign Title

When Microns Matter



A campaign about machine tool probes is admittedly not the coolest of topics, but Renishaw, the global market leader by sales volume of such probes, generated 1,300 new sales leads with an integrated campaign. Our core strategy was to elevate the position of machine tool probes from the shop floor to the boardroom, and place them at the centre of debate about the industry’s future. We realised this strategy with a platform called ‘When Microns Matter’. We asked our audience to imagine a world where discrepancies of microns were transformed into metres or miles. Such a world would have disastrous outcomes with tunnels not meeting in the middle, for example.



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