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C. Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Making Nestlé Top BenNaNa in China


Ogilvy Public Relations Beijing

Ice cream is a challenging category in China. It is dominated by domestic giants Yili and Mengniu, and Wall’s. For Nestle, it was difficult to stand out in terms of marketing share of voice and at point-of-sale. The brand needed something special to launch its premium BenNaNa novelty ice cream. The aim was simple: to make BenNaNa — which is eaten just like a real banana — the must-have treat of the year. Its target consumers were defined as ‘kidults’, aged 18 to 31, who love food, like to keep up with trends and are afraid of missing out on new styles. The campaign built on the concept of the world’s first ‘peelable’ ice cream to turn consumers into brand ambassadors. A weibo account set the tone of the campaign, with pictures and entertaining stories inspiring people to be creative with the ice cream. Fun hashtags, some based on famous Chinese tongue twisters, were used to good effect and encouraged followers to tweet about BeNaNa. People uploaded an array of pictures of themselves eating and playing with the product. Three videos of BeNaNa pranks spurred fans to create their own videos. They were also invited to design their own ‘next generation’ BeNaNa in a competition. As a result, the product beat its sales forecasts dramatically to become Nestle’s leading ice cream in China. Demand was such that shops ran out of BeNaNas, leading Nestle to provide social media tips on where to find them.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Celebrating Malaysia over a cup of Lipton

Unilever Malaysia

Edelman Malaysia

When it launched its own version of the traditional teh tarik (pulled tea) in Malaysia, Lipton was still perceived to be an outsider brand. Lipton needed to show itself to be a brand that understood Malaysians, and therefore having the credentials to launch such a product. The campaign centred around Malaysian pride. Six webisodes celebrated typically Malaysian traits and interests. In conjunction with National Day, Malaysians were invited to vote for teh tarik as the national drink. Sales targets were surpassed and the brand went from nothing to having a considerable fan base.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

Pacquiao Positive

Pepsico International

DDB Philippines

For the relaunch of its energy drink, Pepsico secured the services of Manny Pacquiao, an admired Filipino boxer. The campaign purposely created the impression that Pacquiao was being implicated for doping by seeding false rumours and using the Twitter hashtag #PacquiaoPositive. When speculation and media coverage reached its height, the boxer held a mock press conference where he admitted to testing 'positive'—for Sting PowerPacq Energy Drink. The rechristened product achieved a monthly sales record of 24 million bottles, tripling year-over-year sales.



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