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CA. Employee Communications Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

I am Janssen. I am Integrity.

Janssen Asia Pacific

BlueCurrent Group

Corporate values have never been more important to corporate reputation and business success. The actions of one employee can change the fortunes of a business overnight. Robert Wood Johnson, J&J company chairman (1932-1963) was acutely aware of this when he crafted ‘Our Credo,’ one of the earliest statements of CSR. The objective of the campaign was to ensure that all of Janssen’s 7,321 employees across all 14 operating companies in the APAC region had a clear understanding of the importance of ‘Our Credo’ in guiding business decision-making; and to celebrate the commitment of the company and its entire workforce to upholding the high standards of integrity Janssen sets for itself. The campaign aimed to: 1) capture universal, employee attention, 2) drive employees to pledge to uphold the highest standards of integrity demanded by ‘Our Credo’ and 3) inspire employees to discuss, engage with and understand the true meaning of integrity.

Janssen’s core strategy was to create an internal campaign to motivate every single employee to take a personal stake in integrity. Driven by a real-time race among the operating companies to be the first to achieve 100 per cent employee participation in taking the Integrity pledge, the campaign focused on an all-in competitive spirit to motivate groups and individuals to sign on to integrity at the most personal level. Planning began with the formation of an Integrity Council of senior leaders to advise on campaign content. Integrity Action Teams in each company drove implementation locally and involved representatives of healthcare compliance, communications and HR. It kicked off with an internal communications push to find out what integrity means to employees. The results from this informed the development of a branded, translatable communications platform – ‘I AM JANSSEN. I AM INTEGRITY.’ 

The ‘I AM JANSSEN. I AM INTEGRITY.’ campaign was recently recognised within the company among the best regional programmes, campaigns and initiatives. On day one of the pledge microsite launch one-third (2,655) of employees took the pledge and by day two almost 50 per cent of the target was achieve. By April 2013 all employees (7,321 employees) had successfully taken the pledge.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Living up to the “International Specialist” title – An Organizational Shift

DHL Express Asia Pacific

The Certified International Specialist (CIS) programme is a cultural change initiative by DHL Express that was developed with the aim of initiating mindset change, boosting employee engagement, and instilling a set of behaviours.

With the insight that employees would take training a lot more seriously than reading materials and collaterals, DHL Express developed an education and training curriculum through which it delivered the internal messaging needed to influence internal alignment among employees. Executed company-wide, the CIS communications campaign focused on creating awareness of the DHL Express culture, its international growth, and its business Strategy. Communications was also extended to media, as an external channel to convey the company’s strategy from a different perspective – Aiming to be the Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice and Investment of Choice.

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