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CE. Japan/Korea PR Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Seoul, Our Movie: Rebranding Seoul through Shared Experience & Dialogue

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Edelman Korea

The city of Seoul was looking to refresh its brand marketing and overcome tourism clichés. It needed something that would go beyond palace tours and Gangnam Style. Unlike Paris (the City of Lights) and New York (the Big Apple) Seoul lacked a unique identity. Rather than simply choosing and dictating a message to Seoul’s audience – a global audience within and outside Korea – the government wanted to create a dialogue.

The creative solution was to create a shared experience by producing Asia’s first crowd-sourced film. Using multiple platforms and a 360-degree communication strategy, the agency worked with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to take on an ambitious goal to initiate an international dialogue around Seoul to recreate a distinct brand for the city. It proposed the ‘Seoul, Our Movie’ project as a part of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s global brand marketing effort to engage people all over the world. Using crowd-sourced submissions, it kicked off an ongoing dialogue about Seoul and in the process, produce a film that portrays an honest perception of Seoul.

The campaign increased coverage and positive ratings about Seoul and the branding project from global media outlets. The media campaign yielded over 1,123 stories, of which many were top-tier media placements that played a significant role in changing perceptions of the city. In total, Seoul’s brand value increased 396.8 trillion won, as reported in a government study conducted after the event.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Where are my cheeks?!

Kumamoto Prefectural Government

Dentsu Kyushu Inc. and Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture is a rich agricultural region growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables. In particular, Kumamoto produces many kinds of red-colored food, including tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons and beef. The aim was to position Kumamoto Japan as ‘red prefecture’, both for its red produce and because Japanese associate red with the positive qualities of leadership, hospitality and passion. However, relatively few people were connecting Kumamoto with the color red and the region’s status as a top food producer was not widely known.

The agency devised a fun campaign centered on Kumamoto’s popular bear-like mascot ‘Kumamon’, exploiting the link between the character’s bright red cheeks and the prefecture’s delicious red food.

The incident of Kumamon’s missing cheeks and their subsequent recovery earned Kumamoto wide exposure on 23 TV shows, in 30 newspaper articles and on over 400 websites. The main events of the campaign ran only in October-November yet it so successfully promoted Kumamoto produce that full-year Kumamon-branded food sales surged 10 per cent in 2013.



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