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Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Pigeon's New Product Launch PR Created New Standard in Baby Stroller Selection

Pigeon Corporation

BlueCurrent Japan inc.

There are 1 million births in Japan each year and annual stroller sales top 550,000. Almost 90 percent of that market is owned by Combi and Aprica, and while Pigeon has a strong presence in other child products, it had a limited share in the stroller market and low consumer recognition.

The child goods market in Japan is shrinking so Pigeon realized it had to drive stronger stroller sales, starting with its Runfree product in December 2014.

In order to make a big impression, the company focused on the child safety problems caused by steps and promoted how Runfree’s large diameter wheels could improve the situation.

Respected research bodies were asked to carry out tests which showed when a stroller bumps on a step, the shock is five times harden than sudden breaking in a car. It was also discovered that strollers with bigger diameters have better “step-passing” credentials.
A press event was held to promote these findings featuring a “touch and try” area for journalists.

The campaign gained media exposure worth 14 times the investment and helped cement Pigeon’s status as one of the big three manufacturers.
The company achieved sales of 7,000 units in the first two months, which was 35% of the projected annual sale.


Campaign Title

Marukome: Rocking out with miso soup!

Marukome Co., Ltd.

Dentsu Inc. & Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

Consumption of miso soup in Japan has halved over the past four decades as the country adopted more Western dietary habits – an alarming trend for market leader Marukome.

Young consumers were leading the sales retreat, which also harmed its ability to recruit the brightest and best young talent.

Radical action was needed, so the company and agency worked on a bold branding campaign to target a more youthful demographic through rock music.

Firstly, the brand’s mascot, the chubby-cheeked apprentice monk ‘Marukome-kun’ was given a drastic makeover to look like a member of the Japanese rock band The Miso-shiru’s with thick-rimmed spectacles and a bushy moustache.

The company also became more visible at venues popular with young patrons and a download card with a QR code containing rock music was included on the packaging. A pop-up store opened in Harajuku, Japan’s fashion capital, and a widespread social media campaign was instigated, with a specially created Miso-shiru’s video uploaded on to YouTube.

The company even started playing rock music and its factory during the manufacturing process.

The rock-themed product sold out in record time on Japan’s premier e-commerce site Rakuten, while sales in the country’s convenience stores hit 22.8m yen, more than six times the original goal.

Exposure was achieved through 460 media outlets receiving 699,427,982 impressions. Recruitment page users also increased by 191 per cent year-on-year.

Campaign Title

British Airways Airbus A380 launch, Singapore

British Airways

Grayling Asia Pte Ltd

The aviation industry in Singapore is extremely competitive and dominated by the local carrier. Four airlines already fly the A380 between Singapore and Europe so British Airways launching the aircraft had a limited news angle. From February 2014 until the first flight in October 2014, British Airways did not implement or invest in any other marketing activities to support the A380 launch.

To ensure the launch made headlines in Singapore and across the world, British Airways’ PR team initiated a creative and visual campaign. This included the first-of-its kind 4D projection of the A380’s journey from London to Singapore, PR activity at Gardens By The Bay with a London double decker bus, and a photo shoot with Hollywood actress Kristin Davis.

The crowning achievement of the campaign was the iconic photoshoot with A-list celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow.

Following the October launch event, Singapore revenue improved 15 per cent compared to the previous three weeks. In total, the Singapore A380 campaign generated a sales increase of US$2,465,000 (£1,500,000).

To date, over 240 pieces of coverage have been generated across Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa, resulting in over 400 million media impressions. The global PR value to date is over US$2,500,000 (£1,700,000/ S$3,400,000).

The multifaceted A380 PR campaign has generated over 130 pieces of coverage to date in Singapore alone, resulting in a total of over 126 million impressions. The overall PR value in Singapore to date is over US$1,900,000 (£1,300,000/S$2,600,000), which meant that the whole campaign has achieved a return of investment 11 times.