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Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

LEGO SG50: Rebuild Your Memories

LEGO Singapore

iris Singapore

In Singapore, academic excellence is the currency of success amongst parents. Simple toys that don’t add substantial academic merits aren’t popular and appealing to them. This left LEGO, a toy all about fostering creativity and imagination, low on the priority list for parents.


Our challenge was greater than bolstering love for the brand or sparking short-term interest in their products. We had to make Singaporeans reappraise the importance of imagination through creative and free play. To really shift the dial for LEGO, we leveraged on the SG50 anniversary celebrations, brought to life LEGO’s mantra of building the world for the builders of tomorrow.


Using an insight that Singaporeans are born builders, we set out to strike a sentimental chord by reminding them of what truly makes us Singaporeans – our ‘Kampong Spirit’. Through an integration communications campaign that included retail, social media, content and on-ground activation, we brought this insight to life with our big idea – ‘REBUILD’.


The campaign was rolled out in 3 distinctive stages – ‘Rebuild Your Memories’ contest, LEGO SG50 event and LEGO SG100: Rebuild film. We first challenged Singaporeans to recreate their favourite memories from the past 50 years and submit their creations on LEGO Facebook.

Campaign Title

My Everyday Locker!

Godrej Security Solutions

Adfactors PR

Godrej Security Solutions launched Goldilocks the world’s first locker for everyday valuable. We decided to move away from the discourse of ‘just a product launch’ and adopted an innovative communication activity that creatively involved the ‘live’ auction of stolen valuables.

We brought on a street illusionist to add his magical touch to the curious case of missing valuables at the press conference. We created an experiential event to tell a story about the vulnerability faced by people on a daily basis with respect to petty thefts. The campaign resulted in evoking the need for security.

The creative activation and launch idea received over 200 print and over 80 online clips from media. Goldilocks was also one of the top trending topics on Twitter on the launch day in Mumbai. The launch was covered in leading print and online publications such as The Times of India Business Standard, The Economic Times,The Hindu Business Line, Deccan Herald, Business Today, Better Interiors, Elle Décor, among others. Over 5,500 units of Goldilocks were sold within the first 60 days of the launch in India. 

Campaign Title

Ek Garam Chai Ki Piyali Ho 2015: Remaking a Bollywood Classic

Tata Global Beverages

Edelman India

With countless tea brands launched every year in India, with each staking a claim as the most differentiated and special offering, nobody got excited. When Tata Tea Fusion introduced a first-of-its kind design that allows custom blends of the classic Assam tea, green tea or Kenyan tea, the media was hesitant to cover the launch and consumers saw this as yet another option in a list of many such products. We remade one of Bollywood’s most beloved music tracks that had the hottest clubs across the country dancing to it, more than three million people viewing the online announcement, more than 135,700 either liking, sharing, commenting, or and making their own dub-smashes, and more than two hundred top media outlets covering the news.

Campaign Title

Fitbit Japan: "Find Your Fit" Campaign



Fitbit went through a rough patch in the Japanese market due to the lack of relevant communication, but re-entered the market in 2015 with the launch of its new product Charge HR.


We leveraged popular local influencers and symbolic Japanese places to execute a number of experiential events around the theme “Find Your Fit”. They provided opportunities for consumers to try the product that demonstrated its full range of functions -- no matter if you’re climbing, running, eating or sleeping. With some support from TV ads and social engagement, Fitbit achieved over 14 billion impressions and the number one in sales in related devices in Japan for 2015.





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