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Japanese real estate introduction site Goodroom is a rental site which introduces many properties to young men and women. However, Japan is quite conservative regarding relationships, so people tend to be hesitant regarding living together as a couple prior to marriage. Compared to the cohabitation rate in France of 29.2 percent, in Japan it is just 1.3 percent.

Despite Goodroom being a part of the real estate industry, it set itself to sell ‘Break-up insurance’. This is a service presented to couples who applied for a room using Goodroom, offering a consolation payment in the case that their relationship didn't work out. The couples could use the money to search for new rooms, mourn their loss by buying alcohol, or use it to create opportunities for a new relationship.

The application for the service could be completed simply by signing a "cohabitation form" similar to that of a marriage registration form when signing the room contract.

Goodroom mainly used the internet to advertise this new service. Visitors to Goodroom's site were also offered tips for living well together. The service was announced on Japan's "Married Couples Day" and succeeded in gathering attention. It caused a big stir in various media sources throughout Japan.

The serviced featured in more than 100 media articles, and users even created comics based on the service. The advertisement cost conversion of the campaign was greater than 70 million yen (US$630,000), and the campaign succeeded in approaching more than 5 million new users.

Access to the Goodroom site increased by 22 percent due to this unusual service. With many young people visiting the site, the rate of completed room contracts during the campaign period increased by an astounding 13 percent.

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Adhesive PR

The brief was to launch KitchenAid’s new Artisan Mini to an inner-city millennial audience and to communicate the mixer’s compact size—25 percent lighter and 20 percent smaller than the original KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

KitchenAid is a well-known brand for an older audience, however it lacks “brand cool” among the millennial target audience. Millennials are an increasingly fragmented audience and it is challenging to target them cost-effectively. Adhesive faced a dilemma: why would millennials listen to what KitchenAid has to say when they haven’t had a conversation with them previously?

The agency decided to do something that KitchenAid had never done before. It wanted to make a statement with a brave idea that would generate sharable content among millennials and also appeal to traditional media.

Its solution was to launch Sydney and Auckland’s smallest pop-up restaurant, in the smallest apartment it could find. Measuring the equivalent of two car spaces side-by-side, the exclusive and limited edition restaurant ‘Pith by Mini’ became the hottest table in town. International millennial pop-culture sensation and “dorm-room chef” Jonah Reider was invited to curate the menu. Following worldwide fame when he turned his NYC Columbia University dorm-room into a six-person restaurant, Pith, he was an obvious choice to inspire millennials to entertain, no matter the size of their living space.



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