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The World’s First Magazine with Food, which connects food producers and consumers

NPO Tôhoku Kaikon

Dentsu Inc.

For many years, food producers whom devoted their distribution to a big association such as Japan Agricultural Cooperative wouldn’t have known who bought their food and how it’s eaten. A disconnection to consumers was decreasing the food producers’ motivation. NPO Tôhoku Kaikon is an organization that supports food producers in Tôhoku region, which was hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011. To increase their motivation and support their business, it established Tôhoku Taberu Magazine, which assists food producers to connect to consumers directly.


Once a month, the magazine is delivered to readers’ house, with stories about a carefully selected farmer or fisherman in Tôhoku region and the food they harvested. The readers enjoy the stories, cooking the food, and tasting it. A members-only Facebook page was created. Through the Facebook page, local food producers and urban consumers shared messages and got to know each other. And finally, they started to meet face to face. So far, more than 300 readers have paid a visit to the food producers’ villages.




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