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Airbnb Active Senior's Life on Hosting

Airbnb Korea

As Airbnb was new in the Korean market, there was a low understanding of Airbnb and home-sharing. There was, however, a high social interest in life after retirement in the ageing society, and the number of over-50 senior hosts has been rapidly growing. Airbnb Korea set an objective to highlight the social benefits of home-sharing as a means to driver business growth.

Airbnb Korea launched its campaign, ‘Airbnb active senior's life on hosting—the second life began in a spare room’, strategically using storytelling by senior hosts who are energetically living out a second life by sharing their spare rooms. The core target was Korea’s active seniors aged 50 and above. Airbnb Korea developed stories about 12 Airbnb senior hosts who experienced positive personal life changes and an improvement in social value. The stories were distributed through online storytelling platforms as a teaser, then this was followed up with the offline publication of a book, media interviews and lectures. The unique points of this campaign were that Airbnb played a story-hunter role and 12 senior hosts were storytellers; powerful storytelling content achieved multiple goals; and the campaign kept generating public interests after the campaign period was over.

As a result, more than 200 articles have raised interests in senior hosting and there were over 250,000 views of the online story platform. The campaign contributed to attracting new hosts, and created a positive perception of both home-sharing and Airbnb by highlighting its social benefits.

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Viabuzz - The Voice of Viacom18



The average journey of an organisation’s newsletter: it starts out life as a platform for the organisation to connect internally, but eventually becomes a piece of one-way communication and simply a tool to disseminate information. By the end of the story, employees barely even glance at it with interest. Staying true to its maverick nature, Indian entertainment network Viacom 18 decided it needed to take a different approach.

Viacom 18 structured its newsletter in such a way that most of the content was designed to be sourced from its own people. The network wanted to create a democratic platform for the employees, a newsletter which was the voice of Viacom18—by the people, of the people and for the people. Starting from the nomenclature the aim was to make it resonate with Viacom18’s ethos to the varied content line-up. Everything about Viabuzz was tailor-made to cater to the diverse personalities residing under the Viacom18 roof. The content is sourced from and about Viacom’s own employees, from the group CEO to staff members who are blurs in the background on a regular day—even to an in-house pup who has her own column.

Twelve editions down, Viabuzz has become a unifying factor for the employees. They have found a platform, a voice—proving the pen is truly mightier than the sword.

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Nanyang Technological University Singapore

With six local universities competing for the best students in a small country of 5.6 million, Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) needs to continuously raise awareness of its strengths and build positive perceptions of the University among prospective students.

Breaking the mould of staid university publications, Hey! was conceptualised and developed in house in 2011 as an integrated communication tool with print and digital platforms to build positive perceptions of NTU among its primary target audience of prospective and current students. The print magazine drives the content on interactive digital editions, which have additional features such as videos, galleries and a blog.

The platform’s effectiveness as a tool for perception-building was proven in annual readership studies from 2012 to 2016, and 11 awards for communication excellence. To keep its relevance to a target audience that changes each year, NTU revamped HEY! in January. The strategy was to continue the success of its proven integrated communication approach, coupled with a revamp in design and content that included a new masthead, a refreshed look and layout, and new editorial columns, as well as refreshed online editions alongside a distribution strategy that reaches the target audience.

The magazine revamp has been successful in raising the effectiveness of HEY! as a multi-platform communication tool that significantly improves positive perceptions of NTU among its various target audiences.



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