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Crisis or Issues Management Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Beating the Summer Heat: How Meralco empowered its stakeholders to take a united stand and overcome power supply crisis threat

Manila Electric Company (MERALCO)


In the summer of 2015, the whole Luzon region, which houses the Philippines’ economy hub Metro Manila, was threatened with 7-week blackouts and electricity rates increase due to power supply deficiency, set to cripple the nation’s capital, with dire repercussions to the Philippine economy.

Meralco, the biggest power distributor in the country, took on a mission to bring together multiple stakeholders- the government, power industry, business community, media, and its 5.6 million customers in one objective: to mitigate the effects of power crisis threat and shield Luzon from blackouts and high rates.

Meralco customised messages and programs that empowered each stakeholder to step up in and take an active role in energy deficiency mitigation measures, tagging each as the new breed of heroes who rise to the call of national interest. Corporate business and residential customers responded by participating in demand-side management programs, while government, regulators and power industry players showed support via tight collaboration on information campaigns. Meralco recorded the highest customer satisfaction rating and net positive media values in its more than 100-year history.

Campaign Title

How SpiceJet overcame mid-air turbulence

SpiceJet Ltd.

Adfactors PR

SpiceJet, one of India’s low-cost carriers, had 98 per cent of its flights grounded due to a major financial crisis in mid-December 2014. The airline company seemed to be on the verge of a shutdown – leading to acute nervousness among various stakeholders. There was a change in management but the brand faced a complete erosion in trust among prospective customer-passengers and huge questions remained on the viability of the carrier.


This case study showcases how the PR consultancy first dealt with the concerns of all stakeholders through transparent communication on a real-time basis; positioned Ajay Singh, the original promoter, as the ‘Turnaround Specialist’, and  in the form of a slew of customer outreach programmes to win back their confidence. Not only did we successfully present the brand as the greatest turnaround story in the history of Indian aviation, the share price of SpiceJet increased by a whopping 384 per cent on the BSE, India’s premier stock exchange. The media outreach programme – involving over 300 journalists across 257 publications – generated 2,617 positive print impressions in 74 cities across India. This translates into an estimated collective outreach of 800 million people.


Campaign Title

Fishing for Oil: Case of Crude Oil Spill in Cilacap

PT Pertamina (Persero)


On 20 May 2015 the night where the crew was dismantling crude oil at single point mooring in the middle of the western coast of Cilacap beach, breakage occurred on the rubber hose and caused leakage of crude oil. Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Team at the location immediately performed localisation of oil spills and then proceed to repair broken facility (pipe). The technical crew managed to repair the leakage within 24 hours.


This success prevent additional disturbance in rig’s operational.The Head Office later conducted cooperation with Indonesian Oil and Gas Agency (Lemigas) and Environmental Agency to handle the aforementioned oil spills. They specifically conducted research from the oil sample. However, lab test carried out by Lemigas attained that the spilling oil is not a crude oil as previously leaked from Single Point Mooring (SPM), instead the product of MFO 180 (burn oil) from the vessel of Martha Petrol, allegedly wrecked several days earlier from crashing the reef, thus causing the hull to be torn and the oils spilled to the ocean. Regardless of the main issue, we were still trying our best to clean the affected part of the ocean from oil spill.

Campaign Title

The release of Peter Greste

Al Jazeera English

Ogilvy Public Relations Australia (comprising Howorth and Parker & Partners)

When Al Jazeera English (AJE) journalist Peter Greste travelled to Egypt to cover for a workmate, Egyptian authorities arrested him and two colleagues, charging them with supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. All were found guilty and sentenced to prison.
The outcry was massive, but not to leading to any real action. There was a growing concern that the three would fade out of memory. AJE engaged our agency to ensure this didn’t happen.

This was a challenging task where we had to exercise utmost care at all times with Peter’s welfare top of mind. Egypt’s zero-tolerance approach to terrorism saw a real likelihood Peter would be paraded as an example. We had to walk a fine line, pushing for the release but not embarrassing the Egyptian government, insulting the Egyptian people, or ridiculing their judicial system.

By placing the Greste family at the centre of our strategy, using social and traditional media to keep the story in the public domain, and connecting the family with key figures at a political and advocacy level, the campaign achieved the goal of ensuring Peter’s case was not forgotten.

Thankfully, in February 2015, Peter was released and returned to his family in Australia. This campaign demonstrates what we did during those 400 days of incarceration to ensure Peter and his colleagues would not be forgotten.



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