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Crisis or Issues Management Campaign of the Year

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Globe Telecom

Globe Corporate Communications Group

 In 2016, the industry was under siege from the different sectors brought about by the slow internet perception where the Philippines is ranked among the slowest in Asia. Another challenge was the downtrend business performance of the core business in general: voice call and SMS. Globe embarked on a new communications strategy anchored on the company’s purpose of creating a ‘Globe of good’.

The big idea was to aim all brand-building efforts at “making the nation admired” under the banner of ‘#WonderfulPH’. This tagline was designed to aggressively shape positive brand perception in improving the state of connectivity through close collaboration with the government, and to nurture brand love at the same time by ensuring the integration of the business marketing efforts with the company’s purpose. By end of last year, ‘#WonderfulPH’ had generated close to 9,000 stories and 33.6 billion social media impressions (467 percent increase from 2015) with an equivalent media values of 6.48 billion pesos (US$130 million). Globe attained a 92:8 positive-negative ratio favourability and was also able to achieve a 74 percent positive sentiments for company in the total industry sentiments in social media.

This contributed to the performance of Globe, which ended the year with all-time-high service revenues of close to 120 billion pesos, outpacing its previous record of 113.7 billion pesos in 2015 by 6 percent. That pushed core net profit to reach a record high of 16 billion pesos, up 6 percent from 15.1 billion pesos. Moreover, the campaign helped Globe become the No 1 mobile brand in the country and influenced the government to make the improvement of internet connectivity a national priority.



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