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Nanyang Technological University

In Singapore, the higher education sector is very competitive, with six universities fighting for the brightest young minds in a small country with a population of just 5 million. To increase its share of Singapore’s top students, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) wanted to raise awareness of its strengths and improve perceptions amongst prospective students. As current students and alumni are ambassadors of the university, making them aware of NTU’s recent achievements was also important. Primary objectives: To have at least 70 per cent of current and prospective students have positive impressions of NTU and to have an increase of 50 per cent of top students enrolling in NTU over two years.

HEY! was designed to be a multi-platform, integrated communication tool that makes it easy to understand NTU, especially its achievements and community of students, faculty and alumni. Understanding the needs of the new digital generation, HEY! was designed to look like a commercial newsstand magazine with digital multimedia versions online, on mobile phones and tablets, and iPad that reach out to the young target audience. The online editions (www.hey.ntu.edu.sg) make it easy to tweet stories and share them on Facebook. Accompanying videos are uploaded on NTU’s YouTube channel and screened on campus-wide TV screens.

The annual readership studies that surveyed prospective, current and past students showed similarly positive results in 2014, 2013 and 2012, proving the endurance of the positive effects of HEY!. With 90 per cent having positive impressions of NTU after reading HEY!, it surpassed the campaign target of 70 per cent. There was a 43 per cent increase in 2012 and a 60 per cent jump in 2013 of top students enrolling at NTU.

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Hong Kong Tourism Board Annual Report 2012/13 “The Winning Formula” minisite

Hong Kong Tourism Board

As a government-subvented body, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) strives to enhance transparency of its operational and financial activities. By presenting the HKTB’s marketing strategies, major work, achievements and other information in 2012/13, the entered annual report serves the purpose of disclosing information of interest and importance to the Hong Kong public and the HKTB’s stakeholders from around the world.

Themed ‘The Winning Formula’, the annual report showcases the positive results and recognitions achieved by the HKTB during 2012/13. It presents how Hong Kong sustains as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations with record-breaking tourism performances, fascinating year-round mega events, appealing overseas promotional campaigns and marketing strategies, among others.




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