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DE. Crisis or Issues Management Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Clearing Muddy Waters

(Not for publication)

Citigate Dewe Rogerson, i.MAGE Pte Ltd
Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Bangon Pinoy (Rise Filipinos)

Globe Telecom, Inc.

Havas Media Ortega and ASPAC

On November 7, 2013, the strongest storm ever recorded in human history struck the Philippines. As crisis was invoked, Globe put together an advocacy to house all its efforts under one communication platform that is, Bangon Pinoy. The programme set out to streamline all of the Globe brands and segments to have a hand at nation building; consolidate partners in business and CSR to have an active role in the advocacy, and unite the nation. Timing was of utmost importance and the brand plans and investment needed to be shifted into Bangon Pinoy to address the issue.

Globe Telecom re-launched Bangon Pinoy, an integrated programme that allows calamity-stricken communities to benefit from relief operations, free call and text services, network restoration, and a series of community-rebuilding activities.

To date, 96 per cent of the network in Easter Samar has been restored with Globe being the first one to fire-up signal at Guiuan. At Ground Zero, the Bangon Pinoy Camp was also deployed which housed all communication and relief efforts – being able to house almost 800 volunteers, feed over 12,000 families and restore mobile connections to all Globe subscribers.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Nutricia Brand Recovery


Weber Shandwick

In August 2013, New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra sparked a global food-safety scare when it admitted there could be bacteria in one of its milk whey protein concentrate (WPC) products that could cause botulism, a severe and often lethal form of food poisoning. The impact of the scare was unprecedented, causing the New Zealand dollar to drop sharply, and prompting a wave of panic in countries, including China. Fonterra was then Nutricia’s main supplier of WPC. The botulism scare turned out to be a false alarm, but the reputational and financial damage inflicted on was immediate and severe.

The key strategy employed throughout this campaign was to provide adept crisis consultancy through our circular six staged approach that: analyses, advises, messages, coaches, engages and measures. Critical to the success of this campaign was effective information gathering, continual situation analysis and strategic consultancy to guide the communications programme. For the first time, a comprehensive digital and social media strategy was instigated for Nutricia in tandem with the traditional media relations work, allowing it to connect with parents who had concerns about how the recall would impact their family.

The crisis communications campaign successfully navigated Nutricia through this crisis of unprecedented scale and duration, earning its place as a trusted advisor and partner during turbulent times.



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