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EA. Public Sector Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Let’s Stand Together

National Security Coordination Secretariat

Ogilvy Public Relations, Singapore

Singaporeans were more complacent than ever about their nation’s security. Since threats to national security only become real when a crisis happens, the challenge was to get a generation of media-savvy yet molly-coddled Singaporeans to take notice of and responsibility for national security. The objectives were: 1) Awaken Singaporeans’ to their vulnerability and the changing nature of threats. 2) Create understanding of the ways to reduce their vulnerability. 3) Foster advocates of individual action against national security threats.

The strategy was two-fold. The agency determined the best approach was to change attitudes by collapsing the distance between the individual and security threats and to change behaviour through simulating and gamifying crises, instead of just telling them. It created the campaign message cause – Let’s Stand Together – to reinforce collective responsibility, rallying Singaporeans around one simple message and avoiding the trap of diving into too many individual threats.

The campaign beat the effectiveness record of all government campaigns from 2012-2013 with post-campaign research showing double-digit increases in issue salience and claimed behaviour change due to a better understanding of how to counter national security threats on an individual level.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Where are my cheeks?!

Kumamoto Prefectural Government

Dentsu Kyushu Inc. and Dentsu Public Relations Inc.

Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture is a rich agricultural region growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables. In particular, Kumamoto produces many kinds of red-colored food, including tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons and beef. The aim was to position Kumamoto Japan as ‘red prefecture’, both for its red produce and because Japanese associate red with the positive qualities of leadership, hospitality and passion. However, relatively few people were connecting Kumamoto with the color red and the region’s status as a top food producer was not widely known.

The agency devised a fun campaign centered on Kumamoto’s popular bear-like mascot ‘Kumamon’, exploiting the link between the character’s bright red cheeks and the prefecture’s delicious red food.

The incident of Kumamon’s missing cheeks and their subsequent recovery earned Kumamoto wide exposure on 23 TV shows, in 30 newspaper articles and on over 400 websites. The main events of the campaign ran only in October-November yet it so successfully promoted Kumamoto produce that full-year Kumamon-branded food sales surged 10 per cent in 2013.



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