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EB. Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Vote Ruby

WWF - Hong Kong

Ogilvy Public Relations Hong Kong and Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

WWF-Hong Kong needed to collect petition signatures to lobby the Hong Kong government to expand these protected havens for the Chinese White Dolphin but had no budget to secure the required petition signatures from the public, extensive research and marketing costs. The agency took on the task of education to win public support. It had some big challenges to face – apathy around a lost cause, low media interest, sharks’ fin bans get all the marine-cause attention and a declining propensity to donate. The objective was to achieve 9,000 petition signatures to lobby the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Government for greater Marine Protected Area to save our remaining Chinese White Dolphins.

The agency wanted the audience to appreciate the beauty of the Chinese White Dolphins so it needed a new approach. One of the major local TV events of the year, Miss Hong Kong, catapults girls into fame and fortune. Seeing that Chinese White Dolphins were beautiful, intelligent and already an official symbol of, we asked why shouldn’t a dolphin win the title? Just like any hopeful pageant’s PR team, the agenct ensured Ruby was continually under the spotlight. It strategically phased campaign activities around Miss Hong Kong’s key milestones: the nomination period, the final beauty pageant show. It also ensured that the key announcements in the ‘Vote Ruby’ campaign coincided with the general buzz of the upcoming Miss Hong Kong show.

The campaign collected 52,508 petition signatures. Individual donations also increased by 13 per cent from HK$26.5 million in 2012 to HK$29.8 million in 2013, providing valuable research funding into their habitat.



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