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Employee Communications Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

SAP: An Innovative Technology Company run by Super Awesome People

SAP Asia Pte Ltd

 SAP Asia-Pacific Japan set an ambitious goal to grow its business in the region by 2020. To achieve this, Super Awesome People were at the heart of the business transformation. Its goal is to be recognised as a great place to work by all 7,500 employees in the region, be benchmarked as a leading company to work for by external industry organisations and be positioned favourably in the media. To bring to life the company’s vision of helping the world run better and improving peoples’ lives, SAP’s employer of choice initiative centred around cultivating a sense of purpose, creating a diverse and inclusive culture that current and prospective employees would be proud of and engaging employees in new novel ways.

The campaign achieved internal validation with 92 percent of employees recommending the company as a great place to work; 96 percent saying they are proud to work for SAP; 91 percent believing that men and women have equal opportunities and that the company embraces diversity. SAP now has its lowest attrition rate in the last three years, with a 95 percent high performer retention rate, up 34 points. External validation, meanwhile, includes being awarded Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award by HRD World Congress and Best Multinational Workplaces in Asia. It has also received Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (Edge) certification in Australia, Japan and Singapore, while the Singapore office has been named in the country’s top 5 best places to work, SAP Korea named top 3 IT MNC to work at by Great Place to Work Institute, and SAP Australia recognised by the Australian Government as a best employer for women.

Campaign Title

“Learn VPO, Live VPO, Love VPO”

AB InBev India

Avian Media

 When Anheuser-Busch-InBev (AB-Inbev) and SABMiller, the world’s two largest brewers decided to join hands in a megabrew merger of over US$100 billion in 2015, AB-Inbev became the undisputed world leader. That said, it automatically bore the responsibility of shaping the future of the alcohol industry, with the promise to make a ‘better world’ for its people, communities and consumers. However, with great stature comes greater risk. The year 2015 spelled trouble for Ab-InBev: two of its manufacturing plants in India were on the verge of being shut down, as they did not comply with the Voyageur Plant Optimisation (VPO) safety and quality standards that were mandatory for all the 49 breweries across the world to operate. Each unit has to undergo a strict audit and achieve 400 points to qualify for the VPO certification. AB-InBev believes that VPO should not just be a way of working but a way of life. The first certification attempt in 2015 failed and this was the last opportunity to elude a life altering adversity for over 200 factory workers.

With this seven-month-long employee engagement programme, the brand sought to identify and bridge the gaps in achieving the VPO certification, by simplifying the VPO terminology, making it fun, exciting and easier to adapt to.

Campaign Title

Electrolux Committed to Quality Campaign Asia Pacific


EPOCH Design Studio

 Electrolux introduced Quality as a key strategic pillar to deliver best-in-class consumer experience in 2016. It set EPOCH the challenge of engaging its 3,500 culturally and geographically diverse employees across Asia-Pacific with a topic that at best is ‘dry’. It involved raising awareness of the Quality messages, and changing perception as well as behaviour to make Quality relevant to, and the responsibility of, all employees.

A key challenge was two-thirds of the audience did not have access to the company intranet and were factory workers based in multiple sites.

EPOCH’s strategy put the individual at the heart of Quality as the Quality Hero. To achieve this a three-phase grassroots campaign created 'chatter' about Quality and brought the ownership message to life. This was done by playing on the idea everyone could be Quality 'super' Heroes, and inviting employees to create their own Quality Hero Avatar.

A teaser video and wallmounts generated interest, before revealing how to create an avatar via eMailers and 'live' events. More than 1,800 avatars were created, with Quality commitment messages. Individuals shared their avatar as profile pictures or email signatures, resulting in Quality Hero Avatars appearing on screens and generating buzz around Quality.

The campaign reached factory teams through a series of roadshows with dedicated computer zones to enable avatar creation. Giant avatar cut-outs created further awareness.

These Quality Hero Avatars became the characters in Inspector Q—an online game (mobile-optimised) where participants scored points by answering Quality questions and ensuring only 'Quality-approved' products left the factory.

There was unprecedented engagement with 94 percent awareness of Global Quality Day.

Perception of Electrolux's commitment to Quality was close to 95 percent. In terms of engagement, feeling part of the Quality journey increased to 87 percent and there was a positive shift in behaviour to 85 percent with focus to improve Quality every day.



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