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Environmental Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Instant Newspaper Recycler by East Point City, Hong Kong

Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong

Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong

East Point City (Sun Hung Kai Properties) wanted to leverage its positioning as an eco-friendly mall to gain some individuality and to stand out from the crowd.
The environmental issue the brand chose to focus on was paper recycling. In Hong Kong, paper is wasted on a daily basis: on average, 3 million copies of free newspapers are handed out every day, and the majority is wasted. The mall selected the annual Chinese New Year gift-buying spree (and ensuing gift-wrapping frenzy) that takes place the weekend before Chinese New Year as the time to launch its campaign. (The amount of wrapping paper used for CNY gift-wrapping results in the felling of 1,600 trees and the burning of 170,000 liters of fuel). At the heart of the campaign was a special machine that could turn old newspapers into beautiful, unique and themed wrapping paper in a matter of seconds — the ‘Instant Newspaper Recycler’ — which was placed in the centre of the mall. It was simplistic in its design. Through a slot in the side, participants were able to insert their old newspapers. In just 30 seconds, and with the use of all-natural human energy and a printing technique, the newspapers were turned into beautiful wrapping paper. The campaign itself took place the weekends before Chinese New Year, and the machine was up and running 2 days for 2 hours each day. Instead of buying new wrapping paper, families instantaneously turned their old newspapers into much-needed, beautiful wrapping paper for Chinese New Year, and helped save the environment at the same time. The campaign had made an environmental impact. The Instant Newspaper Recycler attracted large numbers of customers, and queues during peak hours to use the machine lasted up to over 1 hour. Overall the campaign attracted hundreds of participants, and hundreds of wrapping paper sets were given away.