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Environmental Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

FarEasTone Telecommunications – #MyFutureIsMineToSave

Far EasTone Telecommunications

Ogilvy Public Relations Taiwan

The air Taiwanese people breathe in everyday is 2.2 times worse than WHO standard, and the government has only incomplete regulations to address the issue. Society is not taking the problem seriously either. FarEasTone (FET), one of the largest telecommunications companies in Taiwan, wanted to do something to influence people to take air pollution seriously. Recognising the next generation as the key influencers, we empowered children. The idea of #MyFutureIsMineToSave is to let children speak out in opposition to foul air, through a series of PR activities and advertisements, including the world’s first Environmental Summit hosted by children. The initiative grabbed the attention of the media, and celebrities joined forces. The campaign compelled the government to make the biggest amendment to air-improvement laws since 2000, creating stricter air pollution standards including PM2.5.

Campaign Title

Responsible Forestry

Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Headquarters

Ogilvy PR

Unsustainable forestry practices are destroying wildlife habitats while the haze that blankets Southeast Asia has led to devastating health and economic impacts. Kimberly-Clark wanted to emphasise the importance of choosing FSC-certified products. A series of localised campaigns across Taiwan, Australia and Singapore set out to educate consumers and bring about a change in behaviour. As a result, consumer awareness of FSC rose to 19 percent in May 2015 from 7% in 2011 in Australia. In terms of business results, our Singapore campaign saw a spike of 23.9 percent in Q4 sales. In terms of environmental outcomes, our Australia campaign has helped raise A$152,000 to protect the orangutan habitat in Borneo while our Singapore campaign raised S$20,000 protect TessoNilo National Park, in addition to donating 200,000 N95 masks help people living in Kalimantan haze hot spots.


Campaign Title

Surf Fiesta! The Biggest Sachet Recovery Initiative In The Philippines

Unilever Philippines

Activations Agency

Sachets are an economical way of giving Filipinas access to better-quality products. Unfortunately, sachets also contribute at least 10 percent of all collected waste in the Philippines. Surf Detergent set out to resolve the issue. It invited housewives to exchange empty sachets for mobile phone credits. The giveaway was called Surf “Fiesta”, which successfully recovered 7 Million sachet wrappers equivalent to 7 tonnes of waste in 5 months, while growing the brand significantly. The sachets were converted into low cost cement pavers that were donated to schools and communities.




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