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FD. Best Use of Social Media

Campaign Title

“Who Framed Master Kong?”

Master Kong

Weber Shandwick

In late 2012, Master Kong’s competitors seized the chance to use the nation’s anti-Japanese sentiment to draw attention to the significant Japanese investment in Master Kong, labeling it a ‘Japanese company’. While Master Kong had maintained a strong presence in the market since it first entered mainland China in 1990, its brand image was still perceived as ‘old’ and out of touch with young consumers. Where Master Kong led in in-store brand recognition, it lacked in innovation, and the company had never implemented social media tactics to engage with consumers, despite research showing Chinese consumers are more trusting of brands with a social media presence. Master Kong needed to establish a platform to engage consumers, neutralise the negative rumours and re-energize its image.

The agency took the mass of negative, inaccurate news that threatened the reputation of Master Kong, and spun it into a positive through a campaign to find out, ‘Who Framed Master Kong?’. The campaign centered around the core concept that Master Kong was being set up and attacked from all sides by hidden villains, including competitors, media, and the misinformed public.

‘Who Framed Master Kong?’ reclaimed the Master Kong brand and revived its reputation in front of an audience of millions, shifting the brand identity away from the old and unexciting, to something that was relevant and entertaining.

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Gillette Sexy Shave II


Shanghai @PR Consulting Co., Ltd.

The challenge was: how do you overcome wet shaving’s inherent inconvenience, converting a nation’s dry shavers to write a new chapter of growth for the Gillette brand and create more buzz than Gillette Sexy Shave I?  The brand needed to own the concept of ‘Wet shaving is sexy’ and enhance the image of wet having among the target audience.

The insight uncovered a secret about wet shaving: Chinese women find it an extremely sexy act to watch. ‘Women, even the goddess, would be turned on by sexy wet shaving men’. A PR-led and integrated campaign was launched to make wet shaving sexy in China.

Despite no change in price-points, new product or category competitive activity, the powerful insight and diffusion model helped ‘Sexy Shave II’ achieve 1.6 billion impressions which reached over 237 million people; over 200 per cent increase on the Sexy Shave I campaign.