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Financial Communications Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Blue Bird's 2014 IPO

PT Blue Bird Tbk

Edelman Indonesia

Blue Bird is an award-winning brand for taxi services in Indonesia. It planned an Initial Public Offering (IPO) amid a unique and challenging communications environment: The IPO was submitted in 2013 but regulatory approval had delayed it; global economic volatility was crimping market momentum; and pronouncements against it were in the media.

A communications campaign was needed to overcome these challenges with additional objectives to build financial clarity for potential investors and strengthen the brand’s positioning beyond transportation.
Results from a 2013 Trust Barometer research project indicated five key indicators to build trust in Indonesia: Engagement; product and services; operations; integrity; and socially responsibility. Communications strategy then focused on building Blue Bird’s reputation as an Indonesian pride company that is transparent in doing business.

Blue Bird’s chairman was originally a cab driver. The self-made entrepreneur story resonates with Indonesians. On top of that, Blue Bird’s LifeCare Taxi, a service for people with special needs, demonstrated innovative service and social initiative. A high-profile government endorsement also proved to be a powerful lure with journalists, the general public, and, more importantly, potential investors.

Profiling pitches of the chairman led to feature stories in large general newspapers and a cover story in one of Indonesia’s leading business publications. During the IPO day, there were in total 78 journalists from 52 media in attendance, which is a 150 per cent attendance rate based on the target of 35. The IPO went on to become the best performing IPO on Indonesia’s exchange in 2014.

Campaign Title

BSE: From mind-share to market-share


Adfactors PR Pvt. Ltd.

Despite being Asia’s first stock exchange, the BSE lost market share in the Indian market to its institution-backed competitor in the mid-1990s. Intent on gaining market share across business segments, BSE’s positioned itself as a leading platform for the cash market, equity, derivatives, SME, mutual fund and currency derivatives. Part of the plan was also to raise BSE’s media visibility, reinforcing its position as a barometer of Indian stock markets.
Following a media study, the PR agency discovered gaps in perception about the technology used by the stock exchange.

To change this, the BSE launched ‘Chalo Bharat’, a campaign aimed to reach prospective investors in non-metro areas. It focused on regional publications covering 75 per cent of India’s population. The company also decided to elevate CEO Ashish Chauhan as a thought leader and global expert on investment flows and a spokesperson on the Indian economy. Research among equity market technical analysts revealed a marked apathy towards the BSE Sensex, the company and its agency also launched the ‘Influence the influencers’ campaign to reach out to non-media influencers.

The BSE claims its share of voice increased significantly in 2014, generating more than 1,203 exclusive articles – 65 per cent more than in 2013.
On the business side, the BSE achieved an increase in market share across all segments with the equity derivative segment, in particular, seeing a sharp uptrend. A total of 80 out of 139 offers for sale by the Indian government and private sector were conduced on the BSE platform. The bourse also consolidated its leadership position in the SME and mutual fund segments.