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G. Employee Communications Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

EM Asia Games - Further, Faster, Stronge: Pfizer Employee Communications Campaign

Pfizer EM Asia

Edelman Hong Kong

In 2010, Pfizer Emerging Markets Asia (EM Asia) reorganised its business to become a newly redefined region, focusing on nine key markets. The goal was to accelerate business growth and capture rising market potential. However this created a period of change for EM Asia’s 3,000 employees. Meanwhile, Pfizer was under the media spotlight due to the impending loss of the patent for its blockbuster drug, Lipitor. Pfizer needed to strengthen its internal business growth story and integrate its values in a clear and meaningful way for local markets. It also needed to engage and re-energise employees through a fun and celebratory region-wide campaign. Edelman developed the EM Asia Games, a year-long regional employee engagement campaign. Emulating the Olympic Games, the initiative brought local market colleagues to a core competition platform where teams and countries could compete in four business-relevant award categories, including business achievements, new business plans, team building and CSR initiatives. The internal campaign helped build engagement across the region and raised team camaraderie, competitiveness and excitement. Regional teams launched initiatives that reached more customers, improved operational speed and agility and/or achieved greater business efficiencies following the campaign, which has been relaunched this year.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

Merci Campaign

L’Oréal Korea

L’Oréal Korea

To address employee satisfaction and promote L'Oreal Korea as a great place to work, the company launched a campaign based on the simple concept of getting employees to say thank you to each other more often. The 'Merci campaign' addressed both individuals and teams through a variety of measures and incentives, including distribution of thank-you notes, the designation of a monthly 'Merci Day' and—throughout the campaign—sharing of pictures showing employees thanking each other. The initiative got participation from 98 per cent of employees, and 93 per cent supported continuing the campaign.



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