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GG. Greater China PR Consultancy of the Year

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Weber Shandwick Beijing

Weber Shandwick’s executive committee set in motion a strategy to rapidly transform the firm into an integrated engagement and communications powerhouse – command-centre operations in Beijing, with extensive support in Shanghai and Guangzhou for nationwide efforts, each office and team wholly equipped with the expertise and tools to help guide our clients through the challenges that await.
It set out to deliver value to clients by reimagining the way it creates content for audiences. It made unconventional new hires to diversify its talent pool, and leveraged its understanding of Chinese challenges to develop specialist tools, methodologies and consultancies. The agency’s relationships with existing clients, particularly its largest partnerships, continued to deepen and yield groundbreaking results, while the consultancy expanded and diversified its client base through new wins.
The agency’s strategy meant that, in 2013, it recorded a year-on-year profit increase of 70 per cent, on the back of 26 per cent growth in annual revenue and a 20 per cent reduction in staff turnover. Q1 2014 revenue finished up 55 per cent over the same period in 2013.



Zamir Khan
Head of Award Events 

Tel: (+852) 3175 5273
Email: zamir.khan@haymarket.asia


Kaling Man
Events Manager

Tel: (+852) 3175 1993
Email: kaling.man@haymarket.asia


Atifa Silk
Brand Director

Tel: (+852) 3118 1500
Email: atifa.silk@haymarket.asia