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GJ. Southeast Asia PR Consultancy of the Year

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Leo Burnett/ Arc Worldwide Malaysia

2013 was a year of unprecedented results for PR in terms of financial growth, originality in ideation, media reach and public engagement for Let Burnett / Arc’s clients. The agency’s strategic thinking, progressive solutions and fast response time not only sealed its ties with existing clients but propelled new business growth of 76 per cent in a market where GDP is growing at approximately 5 per cent.
The agency has succeeded by restructuring to create the ‘agency of the future’ and developing the PR discipline to drive new business wins. It has integrated traditional PR with Social Media and created integrators – people with the ability to see and leverage on business opportunities to maximise results and create the most impact for clients. The LB Learning Centre has been set up to develop effective ideation
The agency embraced technology and kept its edge, achieving profit of 30 per cent and an all-time record of 75 per cent growth. In fact, it achieved its bottom line as early as Q1 2013.
By maximising efficiencies, Leo Burnett/ Arc Worldwide Malaysia’s operating margin is above 25 per cent yearly and is higher than the Leo Burnet Global average. The office has consistently delivered the best operating margins across all Burnett Asia-Pacific offices and claims the strongest annualised growth rates, with a strong pipeline we are poised to grow well and beyond 15 per cent in 2014.



Zamir Khan
Head of Award Events 

Tel: (+852) 3175 5273
Email: zamir.khan@haymarket.asia


Kaling Man
Events Manager

Tel: (+852) 3175 1993
Email: kaling.man@haymarket.asia


Atifa Silk
Brand Director

Tel: (+852) 3118 1500
Email: atifa.silk@haymarket.asia