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I. Corporate Branding Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

The '+' Project by Philips - Crowd Sourcing Ideas for Health and Well-Being in Asia

Royal Philips Electronics

OneVoice (FleishmanHillard)

Philips needed to redefine its business and brand reputation for audiences in Asia-Pacific. Research showed that in Indonesia, Philips was simply known as a light-bulb company, and, in Thailand and Singapore, as a consumer lifestyle company. The Philips ‘+’ campaign was created to recast the company as one that is committed to health and well-being. The campaign crowd-sourced online for the best solutions to local problems. With a budget of US$300,000, the agency held launch events to introduce the ‘+’ project to key influencers in their respective countries. This provided a call-to-action for influencers to rally their audiences via social media to submit ideas on localised ‘+’ project websites. Philips also collated and published country-specific survey data on health and well-being. The campaign has reached more than 50 million people online and generated over 10,000 organic conversations and 1,000 ideas across the three markets. Brand association for Philips increased by 11 per cent in Indonesia, nine per cent in Thailand and nine per cent in Singapore. Sales grew by 10 per cent and 15 per cent in Indonesia and Thailand respectively, as did purchase intent (11 per cent and 13 per cent respectively).

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

The Ride Back Home


Ketchum Hong Kong

In an effort to raise brand scores, Lenovo decided it was time for a corporate branding campaign that was more cultural and went beyond technology. It positioned the campaign ‘For those who do’ and picked cyclist Lee Minghay to take a 14,000 kilometre bike journey from Germany to Hong Kong to deliver its message. During the seven month journey in 2012, Minghay was provided with Lenovo ThinkPads, a buillt-in webcam, a GPS component, and a Facebook following. During the period, Lenovo’s brand scores shot up and its media exposure peaked.



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