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Media Relations Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Daughters of Mother India: A Global Movement of Change and Hope in a Sex Crime Aftermath


Weber Shandwick

On December 16, 2012, the brutal rape of 23-year-old Jyoti Singh shook India to its core, and globally many people were shocked and outraged by what happened. India was no stranger to gender violence, but the brutality of Nirbhaya’s story (meaning “fearless” as Jyoti came to be called) raised questions not only about public safety but the public’s apathy at large. The police took the brunt of the criticism and became the public’s punching bag.

India as a nation needed to respond. It needed to create a movement that came from within.

A documentary, Daughters of Mother India, was conceived, directed and produced by Vibha Bakshi, a national award-winning documentary filmmaker, to mark the third anniversary of the incident and capture not only the angst and public uprising from Nirbhaya’s rape but to take a look at how things were changing in the aftermath. The challenge was to leverage this documentary and effect change, as it was likely to be seen by just a few people in the upper strata of society and in some film festivals. The key question was whether this audience would be able to effect the change where it was needed most.

This campaign aspired to broadcast the documentary in a positive way, reinforcing the idea that there is hope for change and action in India. Through media relations, Weber Shandwick sought to leverage the documentary as an awareness tool, and then worked to find ways to partner with the police through training to better deal with rape situations, and through key message dissemination. Through targeted media, film festivals and speaking opportunities, the campaign aimed to connect directly with the people of India, and across the world, to become more aware of the issues surrounding sex crime.

The Daughters of Mother India documentary successfully ignited a movement of hope that came from within, and effected the change needed most—by its people.

Campaign Title

Vivid Sydney 2016

Destination NSW

Red Agency

Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas, is a major driver of visitors to Sydney during the Australian winter, and adds millions of dollars to the New South Wales economy. It is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the state government’s tourism authority.

In 2016 Vivid Sydney ran for an extra five nights (23 in total), and included more light precincts and music and ideas events. Despite the size of the festival, a limited advertising budget existed. PR needed to encourage more domestic and international visitors to see and experience Vivid Sydney for more nights, and build pride among Sydneysiders to trigger greater advocacy and a warm welcome.

As a result, the overall strategy was to build a content hub for Vivid Sydney with bespoke multimedia content created in partnership with media outlets, targeted by audience passion points, using new technologies such as drone footage and 360-degree video and time-lapse video to offer new perspectives.

In doing so, the aim was to overcome issues with diminishing media resources, prevent media fatigue by offering new glimpses into the festival and behind-the-scenes stories, and create shareable content for local and international media to ensure fast, frequent coverage.

The campaign was a phenomenal success. More than 2.3 million visitors attended Vivid Sydney, a phenomenal increase of 35 percent, with visitor spend up by 75 percent to $110 million and international and domestic travel package sales up an impressive 104 percent to 88,300.

More than 15,880 media clips were generated, clocking up over 15 billion individual views, up 287 percent on 2015, with international coverage up 203 percent. More than 2,000 broadcast segments were secured, equating to 62 hours of TV time. Vivid Sydney’s key messages were featured in 96 percent of coverage and 92 percent included an image or multimedia content provided by Vivid Sydney.



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