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N. Public Sector Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Select Your Sacrificed Animal

Maritime and Agriculture Department State of Jakarta

Qyvision PR

A tradition in Islamic society, Qurban, requires that animals for sacrifice are distributed to the poor ahead of the Eid al-Adha, but many animal traders in Jakarta were selling unhealthy animals that were reared with poor sanitation. Checks on slaughterhouses attempted to break this chain and grow public awareness. The government provided training to veterinary officers and educated people on how to choose suitable animals for sacrifice: animals must be healthy, male, old enough, and not disabled or thin. After the campaign, Qurban animal shelters, where cows, buffalos, goats and sheep are sold that are considered reliable, increased from 1,316 to 1,436. An exclusive interview with the head of the Jakarta Maritime and Agriculture Department aired 12 times on television and gained more than 1,68 billion media impressions. On national print media, more than 12 million media impressions were achieved.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

“Fight Against Hepatitis B, Prevent Liver Cancer” Campaign

Hong Kong Liver Cancer Foundation

Mind Resource Ogilvy

Around 80 per cent of liver cancers are caused by the Hepatitis B virus, but the majority of Hepatitis B patients possess low disease awareness. The Hong Kong Liver Cancer Foundation aimed to encourage 40-year-old non-monitored Hepatitis B patients to follow up with their doctors and join the foundation. It engaged celebrities and medical professionals to convey key messages, and offered discounted blood and ultrasound tests. Membership increased almost seven fold after the campaign, and more than 600 high-risk individuals joined the Hepatitis B Screening Programme.



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