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Nonprofit Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

WWF – The Last Word

World Wildlife Fund

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Limited


Hong Kong is a major transit hub as well as retail market of ivory. In order to mobilise public support to call on the local government to ban the ivory trade in the city, WWF Hong Kong launched its ‘Rewrite their future’ campaign, which invited citizens to make a pledge and to create a new Chinese character to accurately portray ‘elephant ivory’.

In Chinese, elephant tusks, or ivory, are literally known as ‘elephant teeth’, which led to the misconception that ivory somehow just falls off naturally, causing no harm to the elephants. Contrary to what this term suggests, the extraction of ivory from the world’s largest land animal inevitably leads to its death.

To end this confusion, WWF Hong Kong invited Hong Kongers to help African elephants rewrite their future. The organisation called on Hong Kongers’ creativity to invent a brand-new Chinese character which can accurately convey the link between ivory-extraction and the species’ death.

When creating their characters via the campaign website, Hong Kongers also concurrently submitted a pledge calling on the Hong Kong government to take concrete action to prohibit the city’s ivory trade.

The campaign struck a chord with many journalists, securing 15 major pieces of online and print coverage in a very small media market. All earned media stories described the campaign mechanics and goals and motivated petition signatures. The campaign generated an estimated 5.9 million media impressions in a market where the entire population is just 7.1 million. The clearest indication that the campaign achieved its desired outcome to help stop the slaughter of elephants through banning the ivory trade in Hong Kong was when CY Leung, the then-chief executive of Hong Kong, announced in his annual public address that there would be a total ban on the sale and processing of ivory.

Campaign Title

The Riderless Bike

The Steve Waugh Foundation

Red Agency / Havas / Finch

The Captain’s Ride is a challenging charity cycling event for the Steve Waugh Foundation, raising funds for the 400,000 children throughout Australia affected by rare diseases—known as the orphans of the health system, often without diagnosis, without treatment, without research and therefore without hope. Australian cricket legend, Steve Waugh led a group of 62 riders on an enormous six-day, 701km on-road cycle event to the peak of Mt Kosciuszko. Unfortunately, the children he supports are unable to participate.

Last year, however, the organisers consulted with recipients of the Steve Waugh Foundation to understand their daily struggles, what mattered to them and their children and what would be the most effective way of helping them engage with Steve and the riders on their journey. In November, as the riders began their epic tour, a 'riderless bike' brought up the rear: a world-first fully autonomous children’s bicycle that would follow the peloton and represent all the children with rare diseases the team were raising money for. The children themselves could experience the ride themselves thanks to a 360-degree camera on the riderless bike that relayed a live stream to the website. The public could also sponsor the riderless bike for part of the route, and the agency triggered Facebook posts from Steve Waugh and his foundation as the peloton rode through each section on the map.

The campaign generated wide reaching media attention and ultimately helped to raise over A$1 million for children with rare diseases.



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