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O. Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Volvo CE's National Excavator Operator Contest

Volvo CE

Daniel J. Edelman China Group

Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) understood that the key to delivering tangible environmental benefits in China was to change the behaviour of individual excavator operators. It therefore launched a national publicity platform to celebrate the operators’ expertise and appeal to their sense of professionalism. This allowed Volvo CE to educate the operators, build preference for its brand, and deliver environmental benefits for the country. The six-month ‘Operator Idol’ turned construction equipment operating into a fun, competitive and visually appealing Idol show, where operators were challenged to scoop buoys out of a tank of water, shoot basketballs into hoops, and paint on a piece of paper — all while by driving a 20-ton digger and using as little fuel as possible. Social media played a key role in engaging young drivers through real-time conversations. This was underpinned by a multimedia programme that included a dedicated web page with live contest broadcasts. A microblog account for the campaign was established to complement other media channels, while offering a chance to directly interact with operators. The campaign attracted more than 157,900 contestants in 34 city contests, four regional events and a final. These contestants were given online and offline training in fuel-efficient driving and an opportunity to test drive the Volvo CE machines

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Savings Education to Rural Communities

Bank BTN

Fortune PR

Bank BTN launched a campaign for a savings product for rural low-income families in Indonesia, targeted at women — the main decision makers in the family. These women love to attend gatherings, and most belong to Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK or Fostering Family Welfare). The bank decided to work with the organisation by giving training and education to selected trainers. It also offered to host meetings between bank officials and the organisation’s leaders; speaking opportunities for the trainers at regular meetings; as well as marketing initiatives, such as radio talk shows and ad libs, community ads and writing contest for local journalists.

Honourable Mention
Campaign Title

Facebook Australia Be Bold Stop Bullying


n2n communications

In Australia, at least 10 per cent of children reported being cyber-bullied every few weeks, while 8 per cent admit to cyber bullying others. Facebook aimed to empower Australians to stay safe online and to stand up to bullying. A key component of the campaign was the creation of a “Be Bold Stop Bullying” pledge app to allow young people to make a pledge to stop bullying. More than 640,000 people saw the messages monthly, and more than 3,480 Australians took the online pledge.



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