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Promotional Activity of the Year

Campaign Title

The Ultimate $2017 Long Weekend Flight Package

Jetstar Asia

AKA Asia

 To inspire consumers to book flights earlier than ever, Jetstar introduced the ‘Ultimate long-weekend flight package’—seven flights, seven long weekends for S$2,017. Created purely for marketing purposes, the package had just the right novelty value to appeal to media and its limited-edition nature played to Singaporeans’ competitive nature. There was no way they would miss out on a deal this good.

AKA commissioned research to reveal what was stopping most Singaporeans from getting away for long weekends. It then interviewed couples and friends to create authentic content that brought their travel frustrations to life and positioned the ‘Ultimate S$2,017 long-weekend flight package’ as the solution.

The content was viewed over 424,000 times and secured 31 pieces of media coverage including a three-minute segment on Class 95FM that couldn’t have hit more messages if it had tried. By sharing details of the flight package, media were inadvertently reminding readers about the key destinations in Jetstar’s network—something an airline would usually have to part with a lot of advertising dollars to achieve.

The package itself sold out in under five minutes, and there was an increase in the number of seats sold for travel over long weekends, filling the airline’s seats faster than normal. By reshaping the problem, it shifted perceptions, encouraged Singaporeans to book their trip with Jetstar well ahead of time and generated revenue for 2017 flights earlier than ever before.

Campaign Title

Heineken 3 - Summer in Winter


Red Agency

 Heineken was seeking to seize on a market opportunity with a new product that would complement consumers' modern day lifestyles and enable consumers to ‘have it all’ with a beer that provided a great taste, lower carbohydrates and lower calories,

The company wanted to launch its new brand—Heineken 3—with an impactful activation worthy of a brand that is renowned for its epic events that would create talkability among media, influencers and consumers to build brand awareness, understanding of its proposition and drive early trial and advocacy.

The ambitious launch concept was a first-of-its kind in Australia: a bespoke 50 metre by 60 metre conservatory built over a rooftop pool of a hotel creating an indoor-outdoor ‘summer’ pool party in winter—enabling consumers to have it all. Launched on the last weekend of winter, the campaign flipped the most depressing, dark and cold days on their head. This was a PR stunt to position Heineken 3 as the ‘ultimate daytime beer’

The giant bespoke conservatory was built specifically for the event to create a true summer experience and a spectacle that would capture the imaginations of guests and the wider Australian public. Guests enjoyed hot air that was pumped into the venue (making it 30 Celsius inside), could jump in the pool, play beach volleyball on sand or chill to recognised DJs who were brought in for the day.

Coverage was widespread and generated high social currency with the event also named as one of the top five experiential events around-the-world in 2016 by industry bible, Event Magazine.

Sales have exceeded expectations in the first six months from launch, also significantly increasing market share in the mid-strength beer category.

Campaign Title

Jetstar's Big Book Swap

Jetstar Asia

AKA Asia

 In 2016, Jetstar needed to find a way to cost-effectively promote itself and build brand love in Singapore. Other airlines were stealing the limelight by improving the in-flight experience with new aircraft or Wi-Fi on board, but Jetstar had little news or investment in this area. The challenge was to improve the in-flight experience for passengers across Jetstar’s fleet—but without the budget for built-in TV screens or in-flight wifi. What the airline did have, however, was a captive audience with hours of free time.

Only 44 percent of Singaporeans read at least one book per year. A survey of Jetstar passengers revealed Singaporeans were most likely to read when on holiday. The airline was in a unique position to improve these statistics if it could encourage reading on Jetstar flights.

It launched the world’s first flying book exchange—‘Jetstar’s big book swap’. Drawing inspiration from the success of sharing economies, the campaign encouraged passengers returning home to leave finished holiday reading in the seat pocket of their return flight for the next passenger to enjoy. The brand worked with the National Library Board and launched the campaign on Singapore’s inaugural National Reading Day to amplify the message. It gave away hundreds of free books at the departure gates to kick-start the initiative, each containing a bookmark so passengers could track its journey across Asia.

To give the idea scale, Jetstar extended the message beyond its own passengers by creating short, shareable video content of one book’s journey as it swapped hands.

The book swap film was shared 1,958 times and was viewed over 3.7 million times. Not only was the online community touched by the initiative, the campaign drove positive experiences in-flight, substantially increasing Jetstar’s Net Promoter Score in comparison to the month and year previously.



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