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Public Affairs Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Listing of the Stock Exchanges in India

Consortium of Private Equity Firms

Integral PR

A group of seven global investors – referred to as the Consortium of Global Private Equity Firms - invested in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) with the intent to generate value when the exchange would be listed so that the investors could get market value for their share holdings. After nine years, the issue of listing was not being addressed in the government or public corridors.


The campaign aimed to bring a change in public opinion and policy so as to make the listing of the stock exchanges a matter of priority and a point of discussion among key parties so as to pave the way for the listing of these stock exchanges. By creating strategic outreach among stakeholders at multiple levels, this advocacy campaign eventually resulted in this issue becoming a 'hot topic', created a change in public opinion and saw the authorities publicly committing to defining the road-map for listing of the exchanges in India.

Campaign Title

Project with a Heart



The year 2015 positioned the project as the template for urban rejuvenation by both national and international media. The team ensured that all the important events and milestones were leveraged and amplified across the spectrum of traditional and digital media communication platforms. This enhanced the credibility and positioned the project as a game-changer in the cluster redevelopment space in India.


Weaving tenant-centric stories by capturing human emotions and expression and state-of-the-art transit facilities further lead to building a strong case for SBUT amongst tenants, regulators, influencers and general public at large.


Additionally, mitigating the negative perceptions on the project was handled tactfully by building and influencing advocates who support the project.


A combination of proactive and reactive stories in English and language dailies supported by the amplification of coverage on online space – along with a strong presence on various social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – ensured that the key messages were communicated to the SBUT stakeholder universe consistently.

Campaign Title

Check Your 2-Week Cough

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC)

Enzaim Health

The incidence and mortality rates of tuberculosis in Korea are the highest of all OECD member nations, with about 35,000 new cases and 2,300 deaths occurring annually. In order get the public to understand that TB is not bygone disease but rather a forgotten but still serious disease, the Korean CDC aimed to encourage active and early TB detection by making the disease “personal” and promoting the idea that “I could be infected with TB”. A direct, active campaign with the message “Check Your two-Week Cough” was developed, based on the fact that a major symptom of TB, a respiratory infection, is coughing. This resulted in a 37.5% increase in willingness to get checked for TB. In addition to extensively spreading the message through media such as commercials and newspapers, a cooperative network of 100,000 entities from the private, governmental, academic, medical and corporate sectors (involving 8,500,000 people, equal to one out of six Koreans) was established and used along with individual media, including social media, to distribute personalized communication messages to all regions of Korea.




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