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Public Affairs Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Asia Pacific Mental Health Integration Index

Janssen Asia Pacific

Weber Shandwick Hong Kong

In Asia-Pacific, mental illness is the second-largest contributor to years lost due to disability, affecting as much as 20 percent of adults each year. People living with mental illness in the region often face a grim reality: limited access to effective treatments; lack of non-medical services and mental health professionals; under-resourced hospitals; and, in some countries, human rights abuses.

To shed light on these realities—the human and economic impact of mental illness—Janssen Asia-Pacific and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) unveiled the Asia-Pacific Mental Health Integration Index on World Mental Health Day (October 10) last year.

Janssen Asia-Pacific’s communication and public affairs teams from across the region coordinated across functions, languages and cultures to launch the index to governments, academics, advocates and the media. Leveraging an integrated communications and public affairs programme, the teams engaged contributors and experts to launch the index both online and offline.


In addition to ongoing policy dialogues, the integrated launch of the Asia-Pacific Mental Health Integration Index resulted in the most successful media campaign for Janssen Asia-Pacific to date, reaching over 28 million people across the region. The launch of the index formed part of Janssen Asia-Pacific’s ‘Healthy minds’ programme.

Campaign Title

Visa Rallies Cross-Nation Support for Successful 2016 China-US Year of Tourism

Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited

Ruder Finn China

In 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping and then-US President Barack Obama jointly declared 2016 the US-China Year of Tourism (YoT), an initiative to promote tourism, trade and cultural understanding between China and the United States. In China, Visa’s top priority has been stepping up engagement with key stakeholders to ensure Visa’s growth strategy aligns with government policy and China’s national agenda. With the advent of the 2016 YoT, Visa seized the opportunity to strategically engage with both the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and the US Department of Commerce (DoC), with a comprehensive proposal to promote Visa’s commitment to contribute to China’s economic growth, and the China-US relationship, through tourism and cultural exchange.

Visa streamlined its global assets such as brand, expertise, Olympic property and influential partners from financial institutions and merchants, to support the year-long campaign of activities. Through this landmark strategic partnership between Visa, CNTA and DoC, Visa demonstrated its expertise, capability and professionalism to coordinate its global resources to work efficiently under the political weight of the different government bodies from the two countries.

This was also the first time a Chinese government agency had opened its door to a private international company to participate deeply in almost every stage of the campaign, not only as a strategic partner but also as an adviser. Visa won the hearts and minds of CNTA and nearly 50 local tourism boards in China. Visa received a formal letter of appreciation from CNTA in recognition of Visa’s strong support and outstanding contribution in making the YoT a successful government-to-government initiative.

Campaign Title

Sha Lo Tung Development Co., Ltd. – Engaging government and protecting the environment through a wide-ranging awareness campaign

Sha Lo Tung Development Co., Ltd.

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Ltd

Sha Lo Tung Development has owned 95 percent of the private land in the undeveloped in Sha Lo Tung, semi-rural area Hong Kong, since it was purchased from the then-villagers in the 1970s. The government at that time approved the company’s redevelopment plan for low-density housing and a golf course, yet the development did not begin.

In 2004, Sha Lo Tung was listed as the No 2 national priority site by the Hong Kong government department responsible for conservation (Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, AFCD). With changing community attitudes and rising environmental awareness over the last few decades, the company instead wanted to conserve the land for public benefit and sought a land swap from the Government in exchange. However, this plan has been stalled with no government response for over five years.

Meanwhile, illegal developments sprung up on the vacant land including a canola crop using heavy amounts of pesticides causing a negative environmental impact. Reeds have blocked the natural water streams and caused a major decrease in local species of dragonflies, fireflies and other rare insects, fish and plants. The environment of Sha Lo Tung is deteriorating year by year without an active conservation management plan.

Ogilvy PR helped the company by analysing the situation through social listening, developing a website as the communication platform, arranging media tours and interviews. The resulting coverage broadcast on TV and radio, and in print and online media generated almost 3.7 million impressions.

Finally, the Hong Kong Government responded in the 2017 Policy Address: “We are actively considering long-term conservation of Sha Lo Tung through a non-in-situ land exchange for the private land with high ecological significance at Sha Lo Tung by offering the rehabilitated Shuen Wan Landfill in Tai Po.” This result was achieved through changing community attitudes and lobbying key decision makers.



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