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Public Sector Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

FingerBand Campaign

Ministry of Health and Welfare

FleishmanHillard Korea

Working under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, FleishmanHillard Korea planned and implemented a pan-national PR campaign to reduce tobacco use by encouraging people to quit smoking with powerful anti-smoking messages. We distinguished the most important target groups and developed suitable PR strategies accordingly. We avoided communication that emphasised the abuses of smoking, instead defining smoking itself is a disease which can be cured only by quitting cigarettes under the strong key message: “Smoking is a disease. The only treatment is to quit smoking”. We promoted an adolescent-friendly "Fingerband Campaign" to spread strong anti-smoking messages by linking online and offline, and cooperated with young celebrities including a popular webtoon artist and an idol star to attract attention from adolescents. Following a year-long campaign, FleishmanHillard Korea earned more than 218 pieces of media coverage, more than 47million online page views, over 14,000 comments and a 9.89 out of 10 rating for the webtoon. More than 284,000 people participated in the Fingerband Campaign, and we recorded 443,000 views for our web-drama "The Choice".


Campaign Title


Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), a public ESCO under the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India

Edelman India

India’s energy requirements are constantly growing – in particular the need for electricity. Our primary objective was to support Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), in reaching their goal to distribute 770 million LED bulbs in their domestic lighting programme, toreplace inefficient incandescent bulbs. The programme aims to provide 10 LED bulbs to citizens at 1/3rd the market rate ($1.50 instead of the market rate of $5.26-$6.76). We devised a campaign ILedTheWay which spanned PR, Advertising, Digital and Social Media to support EESL’s initiative.

In the first year, over 30,000,000 people pledged on iledtheway.in by switching to LED bulbs. Over 90 million LED bulbs have been distributed. Before the campaign launched, it took 548 days for the first 10 million bulbs to be sold. After the campaign launched, the last ten million took only 13 days.


Based on 85 million bulbs, over 32 million Kilowatt Hours of energy is being saved and over 26,300 tons of carbon monoxide emissions have been reduced across India everyday.


Campaign Title

SG Heart Map


Tate Anzur

As part of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50) celebrations, SG Heart Map is introduced. It is the first ever crowd-sourced map celebrating every individual’s special moments in the many different places across the country. From our Prime Minister, to CEOs, to young couples who met, married and bought their first home, Singaporeans openly shared their personal stories with each other, and found a renewed connection with Singapore.

SG Heart Map as an initiative broke many barriers and records – a public sector campaign that is driven by the people, from the heart and from the ground-up. It was also named as one of the best things about Singapore’s SG50!

The initiative had brought Singaporeans together across generations, evokes shared memories, and reminds them why Singapore will always have a place in their hearts.




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