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R. Best Use of Digital

Campaign Title

The Passport

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

iris Singapore

Positioned as a premium international beer, Heineken faces stiff competition from other players in Singapore. Iris was challenged to increase brand preference among the target audience — Singaporean ‘men of the world’ aged 18-44, who are digital-savvy, discerning and selective. To increase scores for the brand imagery statements ‘Worth paying more for’ and ‘Leading international brand’, Iris created a campaign that turned Heineken into a ‘social currency’. This was used by a selected traveller — who represented the brand reference consumer — as cash for his adventure from Inner Mongolia to Bangkok. The two-month campaign began with a teaser; a faux personalised passport filled with Polaroid shots from the journey and handwritten notes, hinted at the experiences to come along the way. Face-to-face interviews were set up afterwards to explain Heineken’s role as ‘social currency’ in this journey, aiming to drive viewers to the online branded content on Facebook and YouTube. The audience then could watch, share and participate in the journey via a Facebook app to win their own journey. Through this campaign, Heineken received increases in the brand imagery statements ‘Worth paying more for’ (6.39 per cent) and ‘leading international brand’ (3.3 per cent), brand preference (23.7 per cent) and brand awareness (33.6 per cent). It also achieved 3.28 million video views

Certificate of Excellence
Campaign Title

Pump It Forward

Johnson & Johnson China


To regain mothers’ trust and increase brand advocacy after a PR crisis in 2011, Johnson’s Baby worked with VITAMINE to launch a campaign, aiming to support and assist China’s ‘work-and-pump’ moms, who need to pump milk in workplaces that lack designated nursing spaces. An online motherhood social movie was released to bring attention to this issue, followed by an interactive digital map, created to enable an easy sharing of relevant information. A reusable sticker was given to mothers to turn any vacant room into a temporary nursing room.



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