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South Asia PR Consultancy of the Year

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Adfactors PR India

In 2015, Adfactors PR won more than 30 new retained accounts and managed over 70 per cent of key capital market transactions, including IPOs and M&As. The year was a landmark in terms of competency-building, innovation and recognition in the form of industry awards—we won 39 awards for PR excellence. The agency recorded a growth of 9 per cent compared to the previous financial year and acquired over 20 strategic accounts last year.  We are seized with the scale of change impacting our clients and society at large and the increasing gap between what we offer as a PR firm and what clients need. Innovation is thus a preoccupation across the value chain, including products, processes, structure, marketing, and measurement of value. Our strong resolve to remain independent drives continuous improvement to compete successfully with large networks-owned global firms.