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Southeast Asia PR Campaign of the Year

Campaign Title

Sensodyne Relevance Campaign 'Say No To Ngilo'

GSK Consumer Healthcare


Driven by the research findings, the campaign’s objective was to drive the urgency to treat dentine hypersensitivity and strengthen the brand’s leadership in the sensitivity toothpaste category across Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

The company conceived a public advocacy campaign and created strong relevance to the condition by adopting a local vernacular term for ‘sensitive’, ‘ngilo’ in the campaign’s communications. Malaysia and Indonesia thematised the campaign as ‘Enjoy tanpa ngilu’ (‘Enjoy without tooth sensitivity’) and Philippines went with ‘Say no to ngilo’.

Consumer activation at the ground level became a key focus of the campaign, with the introduction of a ‘Sensodyne Chill Truck’ that travelled to prominent locations to provide chill tests, product samples and free dental check-ups. In Malaysia, for example, the truck travelled to 33 high-traffic locations, and in Philippines, the truck hit 30 ‘barangays’ (small villages) in GMA/Luzon, where it provided 2,000 dentist screenings and handed out 50,000 free sachet samples. In Indonesia, 10,000 people attended a Sensodyne Hot and Cold Food Festival that presented consumers with 18 different hot and cold trigger foods.
According to Ipsos Brand Health Tracker, the campaign exceeded expectations, with 50 per cent of sensitive sufferers switching to sensitive toothpaste after exposure. Sensodyne hit its highest ever overall consumption growth of 41 per cent and recorded PR value of US$1.8 million.

Campaign Title

Vinacafé - The Cup of Love

Masan Consumer

Redder Advertising

Competing with fierce competitors including Coca-Cola and Nestle, the brand wanted to establish itself as the top-of-mind coffee brand for gift-giving during the Vietnamese New Year celebration, Tet.
Vinacafe targeted urban young people aged 16 to 25 who were active on social networks, people who love their parents but find it awkward to speak about that love.

The brand created ‘The Cup of Love’, a Tet gift pack containing a set of cups imprinted with endearing expressions of love. A PR campaign across social networks (Facebook and YouTube), online news, and print, TV, trade and OOH then captured the attention of the young Vietnamese audience.

Phase one involved a viral clip where young celebrities were challenged to call their parents to say “I love you”. In phase two, TV commercials presented the gift set as a way to express love. The brand also delivered 1,500 gift sets to parents—including those of social influencers who wnet on to post about the event. Phase three wrapped up the campaign with another viral video featuring three touching stories.

The videos achieved more than 8 million YouTube views and an 80 per cent view-through-rate, as well as more than 200,000 Facebook shares. The agency counts more than 125 million impressions, online reach of more than 36 million and more than 2.5 million interactions on Facebook alone. The brand sold 100 per cent of the 500,000 gift packs it produced.

Campaign Title

GSK Inner Age Campaign



GSK saw an opportunity to stand out from the usual negative conversations around ageing by emphasising that ageing can, in fact, be a positive phase in life. The agency developed a pilot corporate brand campaign that would shift the traditional conversation about ageing into positive territory and engage consumers to help the company’s brands leverage this conversation.

The agency conducted a survey of Singaporeans over the age of 50 to identify compelling media angles, then engaged a variety of spokespeople to embody the survey insights and appeal to media outlets. These included not only a GSK spokesperson and a doctor but also a group of actors, a group of table tennis players and a life-long learner and active sportsman, all over the age of 50. The results and spokespeople debuted at a consumer media event where a prominent radio DJ in the target demographic provided entertaining personal anecdotes and senior actors performed a comical skit. A consumer-friendly version of the survey was shared through social influencers.

The campaign surpassed objectives, securing 52 instances of coverage including a BBC story, a two-page Elle cover-story spread and an exclusive feature on Singapore Tonight, a program that highlights top stories making news. In addition, widely read local dailies published feature articles with key campaign spokespeople, and radio pickup was strong, with numerous stations broadcasting key campaign messages nationwide. The Ageing Planning Office also reached out to GSK seeking future partnerships. Traffic to the online consumer version of the survey doubled initial targets, delivering a total of 15.5 million impressions.